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At Discerning Traveller, we understand how complex travel bookings are for large groups. Whether you are travelling for a family reunion, planning a team-building corporate retreat or organising a major event by chartering an entire ship or property, coordinating with multiple people is challenging and time-consuming. Large group bookings come with a raft of frustrations and complexities that can all be made worse from the possibility of a small error derailing the perfect event you had planned.  We get that!

That’s why Discerning Traveller has a special team dedicated to small or large group travel. Our team of group specialists have the training, expertise and resources to handle the demands of all kinds of large or small group itineraries, seamlessly. Using our decades of expertise, we will work closely with you to craft unique and unforgettable itineraries. From groups as small as eight people to major events for thousands of guests to enjoy, we can gladly handle anything and everything.

To start planning your next group travel event, contact Discerning Traveller today and we will gladly discuss your plans and start organising the details for you! Booking your next fantastic group holiday has never been easier than with Discerning Traveller.

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Pamela Spencer Discerning Traveller

Meet Pam: Your Dedicated Groups Expert

Boasting more than 30 years of experience organising unforgettable group holidays, cruises, and ship charters to destinations across the globe, Pamela Spencer is undoubtedly one of the best there is in planning your next group adventure.

Specialising in group bookings and charters, Pam is certainly no stranger in crafting extraordinary holidays, itineraries, and events for your group. Here are just some of her highlights!

  • An Antarctica wedding cruise where the captain performed the ceremony on a zodiac followed by a champagne reception.
  • A Baltic charter for over 200 people with themed dining that served delicious cuisine representative of each destination.
  • A major-sporting event full-ship charter for 21 days with three different itineraries and a turnover of 1200 passengers per itinerary.

Let Pam and Discerning Traveller create a fantastic holiday package for your group today!

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Ready to plan your next adventure?

Let the experts at Discerning Traveller book your next group holiday. With decades of experience organising unforgettable weddings, spectacular ship charters, enriching tours, and so much more, look nowhere else when planning any group-based travel.
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What is a group?

Groups for Discerning Traveller start at 10 people but can go up to 4000 people if required. Whether you need to plan a much-needed reunion with a group of close friends and family or are handling the logistics a major business conference, Discerning Traveller can handle smoothly organise you throw at us. 

What types of groups are there?

Generally, almost all kinds of groups are allowed to book together assuming you meet the requirements of group size or accommodation amount. These requirements differ from one travel operator to the next, so be sure to contact us if you are unsure about the eligibility of your group. Group packages are typically very customisable, while some can be tailored to certain special events such as weddings or a business conference. Below is a summary of a number of different kinds of groups that typically book a holiday, scroll down to find out if a group applies to you!

Weddings: ceremonies, receptions, hens & bucks parties

A unique and fantastic way to celebrate a wondrous occasion such as a wedding is on a holiday! Most cruise lines, resorts, and tour companies provide a number of services that aim to ensure your special event is as seamless and unforgettable as possible. Whether you want to hold your ceremony onboard  a cruise ship or by the beachside, they can more than accommodate. Depending on where you book, you can additionally host an incredible reception, with exhilarating entertainment and mouth-watering dining options at your disposal that ensure your guests are left with lasting memories. All of this mentioned above and so much more can furthermore be customised to your own preferences, ensuring that your wedding is about two things: you and your loved one.

Milestone birthdays & anniversaries

Looking to celebrate your birthday or special anniversary? There’s no better place to do it than on a group holiday! Most travel companies offer sublime services that offer you and your group additional perks when you organise a birthday with them. From setting up a perfect venue to host all your friends and family, private activities to experience a destination, to the little touches such as a birthday cake, travel companies will have what you need and more!

Reunions: family, school, and more!

Organising a family or class reunion can be made easy with a group holiday. With tour companies (and us!) arranging all the logistics such as cocktails, entertainment, and venue, you can rest easy knowing everything is running according to plan. What's more, by travelling with a group, you can share new unforgettable memories you will tell others for years to come.

Corporate retreat or work conference

Reward your hard-working employees and elevate your next corporate event or retreat by taking them on a marvellous holiday. Many luxury travel organisations can offer spacious venues that allow you to inspire your personnel as your event or meeting is underway. In addition to this, you can organise special private activities that aim to motivate employees and generate innovative ideas. Certain cruise lines may also allow you to charter a ship during a period of time, opening up an enhanced level of freedom and luxury.

Other types of groups

Travel companies may also offer extra packages and offers for other types of groups that wish to plan an event with a voyage. This can include (but is not limited to):

  • Special interest groups
  • Retirement parties
  • Religious groups
  • Girls or boys getaways

Group travel has never been so good!

Cruising with a group offers a wonderful selection of perks many members of the party will happily enjoy. Nevertheless, booking into a group cruise can at times be stressful and confusing. Have no fear however, Discerning Traveller has a team of professional cruise experts who will gladly help resolve any confusion you may have. Enquire with us and we will promptly respond to questions or queries. Sail on the high seas with your loved ones and organise a group voyage today!

Let us plan your group holiday today

No matter how big or small your event is, Discerning Traveller has the know-how and expertise to effortlessly organise your special occasion. Get in touch with us today and let our experienced specialists plan a perfect bespoke group holiday for you.
Book Group Travel with Discerning Traveller
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