Aqua Expeditions?

Discover the new benchmark in boutique luxury river and yacht cruising by coming aboard one of Aqua Expeditions’ magnificently designed and award-winning ships. Experience the dazzling natural splendour of the Mekong River, the largely unexplored gorgeous Peruvian region of the Amazon River and the exquisite Indonesian islands of Raja Ampat, Komodo, and the Ambon and Spice Islands through exciting and adventurous shore excursions, or simply from the comfort of your stunning luxury hotel-style suites.

Created for the modern-day adventurer, Aqua Expeditions seek to craft each cruise with conservation and sustainability in mind. Each journey is centred on experiencing nature and the local area, with personalised excursions aiming to leave the smallest ecological footprint.

Completely immerse yourself in a new culture and create long-lasting memories each day as you experience the barely touched local towns and villages. Directed by authentic and professional guides, each excursion will have you swiftly discovering the history and civilisation of the area.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 2007
Ships: 5
Max Passengers: 16-40

Is Aqua Expeditions for you?

Passengers who board Aqua Expedition river & yacht cruises are on the search for endless adventure and back-to-back opportunities to actively explore the natural beauty of their destination. Daily activities and excursions usually involve medium to high levels of physical activity such as kayaking or biking. As such, guests on Aqua Expeditions love to be active and reach practically untouched areas and communities bustling with culture. Nevertheless, there are usually alternative options for patrons who wish to move at a more relaxed and comfortable pace.

You will often find empty nesters regularly travelling aside you on Aqua Expedition river cruises, wanting to finally sightsee previously unvisited destinations. Younger honeymooners and people celebrating a special anniversary or birthday can additionally be frequently seen on board and want to honour their occasion in the best way imaginable. Families with older children or teenagers are still welcome, and Aqua Expeditions accommodates for them with interconnected suites and wonderful guides who are comfortable to work with children.

What comes complimentary on Aqua Expeditions?

The all-inclusive price includes:

  • All meals
  • Non-alcoholic drinks
  • Selected wines & beer
  • Design suite accommodations
  • Shore Excursions with local guides
  • On-board lectures & evening entertainment
  • Transportation to & from the airport if you use Aqua Expeditions’ recommended flights or from nominated rendezvous point
  • Amazon itineraries include Pacaya Samiria Reserve entrance fee
  • Non-motorised water sports equipment onboard Aqua Blu

Why go on Aqua Expeditions?

  • Breathtaking and memorable daily excursions with authentic professional guides that allow you to completely immerse in the local culture and learn about their history
  • A more personal, intimate, and tailored cruise experience due to their 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio
  • Impeccable service from cabin crew who actively make sure that your trip is the best it can be
  • Additionally, on the last night of the cruise the crew create a wonderful video summarising the experience

Our Recommendation

Pack for the area!

Make sure to pack smart before heading onboard. Aqua Expeditions recommend bringing items and equipment that can help you handle the humid weather in the regions that the cruise line journeys through, such as the Amazon. This includes DEET insect repellent, long-but-lightweight clothing, and waterproof ponchos to protect you from the rain. Ensuring you pack these essentials guarantees a much less stressful and more relaxed river cruise.

Be prepared to be active

Daily excursions have a tendency to encompass a number of fairly physical activities such as long biking tracks when on a Mekong cruise or kayaking when on the Amazon cruise. While some might relish in the physical challenge, others can see this to be a little daunting, namely if you are not competent in the activity. For those who want an easier tour, Aqua Expeditions will always have an alternate excursion where the only physical movement will be walking.

Bring along an extra pair of thongs when heading off the ship

Every time you hop back onto the ship after an offshore excursion the staff will ask you to remove your shoes to be washed. For those who do not enjoy walking barefoot, make sure to bring off the ship a pair of slippers or thongs that you can easily wear and walk to your suite. The walk is not too long back to the suite, so your barefoot journey will be quite short. Once they wash your shoes, they will be placed on a mat just outside your room that can be easily accessed.

What are the accommodation options on Aqua Expeditions?

With the exception of the Aqua Blu, all ships on Aqua Expeditions have the same type of suite across the entire vessel. The suites are spaciously designed to contain an outstanding view of your environment to immediately help you feel yourself immersed in the region. Each ship also contains at least four interconnecting suites to accommodate families and larger groups. For Aqua Blu, suites are all described as cabins and divided into three different categories (I, II, and III accordingly) with each descending category going from the bridge deck to the lower deck.

What dining options are available on Aqua Expeditions?

While there is only one dining room available, the food quality and experience certainly makes up for that. With an outstanding on board menu crafted by famous chefs such as Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and Michelin-starred David Thompson, guests on Aqua Expeditions will never be disappointed by the cuisine on offer. Produce is regularly sourced from the local markets at the places you stop, so you will always know the ingredients used are deliciously fresh.

Is there a dress code for Aqua Expeditions?

Aqua Expeditions does not enforce a dress code on their passengers, however, they do ask for shoes to be worn in the dining room. Aqua Expeditions also recommends patrons to wear mostly casual clothing with long-sleeve shirts and lightweight pants due to the climate of the area.

What are Aqua Expeditions most popular activities?

By far and away the best reason to board an Aqua Expedition river cruise is for their brilliantly crafted and organised daily excursions. Regardless of which location you decide to cruise, every journey is complete with an assortment of active and relaxed outings throughout your voyage. From cycling through the scenic Mekong countryside, fishing for piranhas in the Amazon River, to snorkelling in the beautiful waters of Indonesia, Aqua Expeditions ensures that every cruise is entertaining and satisfying.

For those wishing to put their feet up and unwind on the ship, Aqua Expeditions comes included with a number of amenities rightly suited for the quieter moments. With a luxurious spa or massage room, a cosy library, and a refreshing pool or Jacuzzi aboard every ship, patrons are able to effortlessly de-stress and relax after an intensive day of adventuring.


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