Luxury Hotels

Experience the pinnacle of relaxation through a luxury hotel

Here at Discerning Traveller, we offer an exquisite selection of luxury hotels we know you will undoubtedly love to stay in. Whether you wish to stay for just a night or for an extended period of time, these luxury hotels will truly immerse you and your friends in unbridled opulence. Moreover, we at Discerning Traveller work tirelessly to ensure all the little details and issues are taken care of. This allows you to focus on one thing for your holiday – pure relaxation.

Through our years of experience in the travel industry, we have found and built partnerships with a variety of world-class hotels across the globe. In doing so, those who book with Discerning Traveller have access to a vast library of exclusive offers, perks, and bonuses which ensure your time at every luxury hotel is extravagant from the moment you arrive to when you depart.

For any reason, if the below hotel stays not meet your liking – or you wish to make an alteration – be sure to contact us! Our Discerning Traveller team want to create the perfect holiday just right for you. Give us a call today and one of our travel consultants will craft a custom itinerary that meets your needs.

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Luxury Hotels & Packages


Luxury Hotels

Why stay at a luxury hotel?

For travellers who are searching for the most extravagant way to spend a night, there is nothing that beats an evening at a luxury hotel. While you might think any hotel will do, spending just a little bit more on yourself can ensure a night filled with immense luxury and relaxation. Spoil yourself on your next holiday and book into a luxury hotel!

If you are still on the fence as to whether a luxury hotel is worth it, we have compiled a couple of reasons that may perhaps change your mind. Scroll down now to learn more.

Unbeatable luxury at every moment

This might be a little obvious, but booking into a luxury hotel will open you to a world of unparalleled splendour unlike any other hotel. Every spacious room is spectacularly decorated, beautifully embodying the style or theme of the hotel. What’s more, luxury hotels will always have a bed that can only be described as heavenly. Boasting massive mattresses, soft sheets, and a treasure trove of pillows, falling asleep has never been easier than at a luxury hotel!

World-class service

Service at luxury hotels will be nothing short of exceptional, with staff on hand who will provide you with plenty of care and assistance. Not just the daily bedroom turndown, luxury hotels will give guest an array of additional services which make every moment at their lodging special. From welcome drinks and snacks, personalised changes to your room and gifts, to attentive butler service that aim to take care of every request, luxury hotels will make sure you are taken well care of for your entire stay.

Extensive selection of additional amenities and facilities

Every room at a luxury hotel will come with an amazing range of additional amenities that aim to answer every possible need you may have. Revel in luxury as you enjoy amenities that span from soft bathrobes and branded toiletries to high-speed complimentary internet, a robust coffee machine, unforgettable panoramic views, and so much more.

Moreover, every luxury hotel provides a robust range of facilities and services which ensure every kind of guest is accommodated for. Large gyms with the latest fitness equipment, spas and saunas that offer the perfect way to unwind after a long day of exploration, conference halls that can serve as the best locale to host an event, this and so much more will likely be on offer at the luxury hotel you stay in next.

Delectable in-house restaurants and bars

One facility that will likely be a favourite for most guest will be the in-house restaurant and/or bar found at the luxury hotel. Unlike a normal hotel which offers a simplistic breakfast buffet, luxury hotels will likely offer a fully developed menu, with chefs crafting dishes that will make your mouth water. Most luxury hotels will also likely have multiple bars and restaurants to choose from within premises, each having its own defined cuisine, allowing guests to try something new every evening!

Book into a luxury hotel with Discerning Traveller

Now has never been a better time a holiday, so why not do it with the experts? Contact Discerning Traveller today and one of our incredible travel consultants will be on hand to provide assistance in booking your next unforgettable adventure. Looking for more accommodation options? Check out the resorts that we have on offer! We also provide an excellent array of Guided Tours and Short Breaks that might be the perfect pairing to your luxury hotel stay.

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