Expedition Cruises

Embark on extraordinary adventures to hard-to-reach corners of the planet on an expedition cruise. Whether you are venturing through the astonishing ice-capped landscapes of Antarctica or gliding through the untouched wonders of the Kimberley in Western Australia, an expedition cruise is a powerful experience unlike anything else. Often boarding an impeccably constructed small ship, expedition cruises are uniquely able to carefully navigate into secluded and out of the way locales. This provides avid explorers with rare opportunities to discover relatively untouched lands full of exotic wildlife, awe-inspiring backdrops, and extraordinary memories.

Expedition cruises are typically also deeply immersive, with cruise lines constructing an experience onshore that is noticeably more hands-on and activity-based. Whether this entails paddling along in a kayak, plunging into pristine waters with snorkelling gear, or hiking up gorgeous walking trails with an experienced guide, every shore activity aims to truly connect guests to the destination.

Visit some of the most isolated and unspoiled locations on Earth through an expedition cruise. Scroll down and start planning your next adventure today.

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Expedition Cruises & Packages

33 Night Cruise + 4 Nights Hotel

Seabourn - Luxury Tropical Escapade

Enjoy pre-cruise stay, charter flight from Sydney, expedition cruise from Honiara to Papeete with Seabourn & more with this package*

View Offer
Free Flights to Darwin/Broome

Ponant - Kimberley Cruising

Explore the untouched wilderness of The Kimberley onboard Ponant and enjoy free flights plus €200pp shipboard credit*

View Offer
Cruise, tour & more*

Hurtigruten - Follow the Midnight Sun

See Norway with Hurtigruten with this cruise tour*

View Offer
No Single Supplement*

Ponant - Solo Offer

Ponant has made solo cruising more affordable with no single supplement available on select cabin categories and departures*.

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Bonus bottle of wine*

Coral Expeditions Discerning Traveller Selection

Includes excursions, all meals, select alcoholic beverages, tips and gratuities plus an exclusive bottle of welcome wine*

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Cruise, tour & more*

Hurtigruten - Follow the Lights

Witness a bucket-list experience on an iconic itinerary: the Northern Lights. Includes cruise, tour & more*.

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€200 per person ship credit*

Ponant - Australia, NZ & Antarctica

Luxury & adventure awaits with Ponant! Cruise Australia & New Zealand & enjoy €400 ship credit*. Plus itineraries from NZ to Antarctica available!

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Flights, accom, cruise & more*

Hurtigruten - Antarctica All Inclusive

Flights, accommodation, transfers and more included on your next Antarctica expedition cruise with Hurtigruten*.

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Why your next holiday should be an Expedition Cruise

An expedition cruise can sometimes be a daunting proposition for most travellers looking to plan a holiday, but those who take the plunge are given an extraordinary adventure that promises to imprint lasting memories. Nature-focused, activity-based, and deeply experiential, expedition cruises offer eager travellers the chance to explore untouched paradises bursting with exotic wildlife and dazzling flora. What’s more, luxury cruise lines recognise the allure of the unknown and have carefully created innovative small ships that specialise in expedition voyages. Bolstered by amazing itineraries that reach these off-the-beaten-path locales across the globe, expeditions are an absolute must for voyagers with a deepened love for adventure.

Still wondering if an expedition cruise is right for you? Have no fear, Discerning Traveller has created a couple of reasons that illustrate the unique benefits of hopping aboard such an exhilarating trip. Scroll down to learn more now.

Visit unforgettable locations

Easily the biggest reason to go on any expedition cruise are the stunning destinations during your journey. Whether you are keenly interested in the bustling wildlife on the Galapagos Islands, chasing the awe-inspiring northern lights, or seeing the unexplored continent of Antarctica, destinations on expedition cruises are nothing short of exceptional. What’s more, most of these locations simply cannot be reached by the larger ocean cruise ships, highlighting the rarity of these journeys.

Experience the unexpected with flexible itineraries

Guests can sometimes be concerned by the weather and reachability of locales that can occasionally be inhibited by stronger ocean tides, dangerous wildlife, or encroaching ice conditions. Rather than cancelling a destination, expedition cruises are typically designed to have flexible itineraries. This means that the experienced tour guides on an expedition ship can look ahead at the tides and various other conditions to make calculated decisions that can dramatically enhance a voyage. From staying out at sea for an extra hour to allow guests to see a pod of dolphins to stopping at a different but rarely accessible tropical island, flexible itineraries promise to keep guests ready to experience everything.

Share in unforgettable moments with like-minded adventurers

From the astonishing tide drops opening up to an array of exotic wildlife at Montgomery Reef in the Kimberley, the inquisitive polar bears looking at a safe distance from your small ship in the Arctic, to experiencing whales splashing around within shouting distance as you sail through the sub-Antarctic Islands, these little moments often create the memories you tell your friends and family back at home. Combined with the aforementioned flexible itineraries, every voyage is meticulously designed to produce these rare moments, chance encounters, and special stories. You often share these sublime occasions with like-minded explorers, whether they be fellow passengers or experienced tour guides, who similarly keep an eye out for these uncanny events.

Gain all the benefits from a small ship!

As previously highlighted, expedition ships are generally smaller-sized ships purpose-built to sail through tougher waters whilst keeping passengers as comfortable as possible. Due to their size, small-ships have additional benefits that larger ocean cruises might not possess. With a smaller number of passengers aboard allowing for a more connected community, elevated personalised service by a professional crew, or the more intimate onshore excursions, small-ship expedition cruises offer up an immersive and intimate experience

Start planning an Expedition Cruise today!

Looking to start organising an expedition cruise with your close friends or family? Enquire with Discerning Traveller for any possible question you might have when booking and planning your next dream adventure. We boast an experienced team of Australian-based cruise consultants who dedicate themselves in making sure that any booking process with us is as seamless as possible. Get started on your next voyage and contact Discerning Traveller today!

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