Celebrity Cruises?

Celebrity Cruises is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of modern luxury, constantly striving and innovating to craft cruising experiences like no one else. Upon boarding any Celebrity ship, you will immediately feel the distinct difference compared to the competition. With their superbly designed fleet of marvellous ships – both inside and out – guests aboard Celebrity Cruises simply know they are on a craft that endeavours every day for impeccable quality.

Celebrity Cruises strives to always have a reason for you to come back. Whether you are looking to cross off bucket list locations from their extensive list of over 300 ports of call across the world, indulge in the mouth-watering food available at their restaurants, or encounter wonderful delights from their unique itineraries, Celebrity has you covered.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 1988
Ships: 16
Max Passengers: 16 - 3046

Is Celebrity Cruises right for you?

Celebrity Cruises is perfect for the modern traveller wanting to board a stunningly stylish ship with an excitingly creative itinerary filled with glamorous entertainment. Celebrity Cruise passengers are fascinated by the delightfully crafted luxury ships that exude an aura of sleekness and modernism unlike any other cruise line. Technology and innovation furthermore play a factor in their experience, featuring Apple masterclasses as well as a Celebrity Cruises app that simplifies the cruising journey for tech-savvy explorers.

Passengers also love to learn, and Celebrity more than accommodates by regularly stimulating their senses. Celebrity holds host to a plethora of lectures, classes, and workshops over an ever-growing library of topics from glassblowing to wine education. As mentioned above, they also provide comprehensive Apple technology workshops, built around increasing a passenger’s computer skills and IT literacy.

Additionally, travellers on Celebrity adore the sophisticated and tantalising dining options available onboard. With up to a dozen specialty restaurants and a variety of bars and lounges to relax in, you will always have a fantastic dining experience for any occasion or style of dining.

What comes complimentary on Celebrity Cruises?

Included with the fare on every Celebrity cruise:

  • Complimentary dining in select restaurants
  • Room Service except between 11 pm to 6 am
  • Water, select coffees & teas
  • On-ship entertainment options

You may also be provided with additional amenities such as an expanded list of complimentary dining options depending on the accommodation chosen for your cruise.

Why go on Celebrity Cruises?

  • Delight in the strikingly designed and carefully considered Celebrity fleet
  • Dine on a selection of mouth-watering cuisine from an extensive choice of sophisticatedly developed specialty restaurants
  • Enjoy an amazing art collection combined with a number of opportunities to continuously learn through Celebrity’s range of lectures, workshops, and tours.

Our Recommendation

Soar to new heights on the Magic Carpet!

Celebrity Cruises have gone above and beyond with the immensely innovative and unbelievable Magic Carpet. Available exclusively on Celebrity Apex and Celebrity Edge, the Magic Carpet is a moving floating platform that allows curious travellers to casually hover over the open ocean. Boasting picturesque views and a lively full bar with live music performances, the Magic Carpet is social space essential for all who board Celebrity Apex and Celebrity Edge.

Enquire with us today for more information about the Magic Carpet!

Upgrade to Concierge Class

Want to experience a level of superior service and excellence? Then Concierge Class is essential! Exclusive and undivided attention is provided to you throughout your whole cruise, with a dedicated concierge only moments away from your room, removing the hassle out of everyday tasks. You'll also acess a number of additional benefits including (but not limited to) priority check-in, an enhanced room service breakfast menu, and dining seating time preferences.

What are the accommodation options on Celebrity Cruises?

Celebrity accommodation is divided into well-designed staterooms and luxurious suites which are then further split into distinct types.


Celebrity has a choice range of staterooms dependent on the preferences of the passenger. This includes a veranda stateroom with a balcony to let you soak in the ocean’s beautiful sunsets, the spectacular ocean view stateroom with a fantastic view of the sea, and the noticeably personal and intimate inside stateroom.


Unmatched service, lavish amenities, iconic comfort - upgrading to a suite elevates you to a tremendously pleasant and grand Celebrity cruise experience. There is quite an extensive variety of different suites available on every cruise, from the extravagant and expansive Iconic Suite to the stylish and ever-spacious Sunset Suite each suite designed for every kind of traveller. Every suite furthermore comes with devoted butler service, ensuring that all your needs and desires are accounted for.

Celebrity Cruises have additionally elevated the cruise experience through their innovative Edge-class ships Celebrity Apex and Celebrity Edge. As part of this dedication to pioneering new modern luxuries, Celebrity have extended this through their selection of brilliantly designed suites. One highlight, in particular, are the extraordinary Edge Villas, two-storey masterpieces of elegant design with dazzling ocean views and direct easy access to The Retreat. Enquire with us to learn more about these astonishing residences.

What dining options are available on Celebrity Cruises?

Complimentary with your fare are a choice of dining venues and sittings for the entirety of your cruise with Celebrity, allowing you to plan the day however you desire.

With an additional fee or with the purchase of an affordable dining package, you will have access to the renowned speciality restaurants with world-class cuisine raved by countless Celebrity passengers. From the romantic and intimately designed French restaurant Murano to the gorgeously crafted food art from Qsine, Celebrity is always sure to impress with every meal.

Is there a dress code for Celebrity Cruises?

With the exception of the must-see Galapagos expeditions (with a casual dress code), Celebrity Cruises typically have a smart-casual dress code. With that being said, you will soon discover that guests love to dress up and wear semi-formal outfits while they dine at any of the specialty restaurants.

Evening Chic nights may occur once or twice during a cruise, where cocktail or formal wear is acceptable for the evening. Unlike formal nights, Evening Chic is built to encourage people to dress up in their own version of glamorous, whether this is a pair of designer jeans or a five-piece suit.

What are Celebrity Cruises’ most popular activities?

A must-visit is the Lawn Club, a beautiful top-deck area with actual soft grass! Guests can often be seen having a quaint picnic, lounging with their newfound friends, or playing a fun game of croquet or bocce. We highly recommend heading up and spending time on the lush ground, especially those who love to have the feeling of grass beneath their feet.

Celebrity Cruises’ passengers additionally regularly attend the expansive list of classes and workshops provided on their journey. From food & wine pairing classes through to learning how to master the art of glassblowing, every Celebrity Cruise has an experience that will leave you intellectually fulfilled and satisfied. You can additionally traverse the remarkable art galleries populated with world-famous pieces that will leave you stunned. Each gallery has a team of experts who can walk you through and unearth the deep themes and stunning vision of each artwork.


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