Small Ship Cruises

Comfortably glide into extraordinary locations that other crafts cannot reach on a small ship cruise. Small in design, big in exploration, small ship voyages are purpose-built to allow every guest to discover the undiscovered. Hidden harbours, little-known villages and unique destinations, small ship cruises will whisk you away on an exceptional adventure to remarkable places that few can visit.

Boasting a naturally leaner stature, small ship cruises have the distinctive benefit of docking closer to port than other ships in the same location. This allows passengers to experience the destination at an incredibly intimate level where guests can even hear the bustle of the city or tranquillity of the town from their own luxurious stateroom. Additionally, with a less crowded ship due to the reduced size, patrons are afforded a noticeably warmer and inviting atmosphere that strongly encourages people to truly connect with one another, passengers and crew alike. Set sail on a trip of a lifetime with an impeccably designed small ship cruise today.

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Small Ship Cruises & Packages

Newly released departures

Ponant - Kimberley Cruising

Explore the untouched wilderness of Australia's Kimberley region onboard a Ponant expedition cruise. Includes bonus shipboard credit*.

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No Single Supplement*

Ponant - No Single Supplement Offer

Ponant has made solo cruising more affordable with no single supplement available on select cabin categories and departures*.

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Why your next holiday should be a Small Ship Cruise

With luxury cruise lines pushing the boundaries of innovation with new small cruise ships, it’s no wonder that the intrigue and interest in small ship cruises are growing at a breakneck pace. Destination focused and experience-driven, small cruise ships attract the modern explorer who wants to sail the seas and spend an extended period of time authentically touring each locale. Below are some perfect reasons why a small ship cruise might be just right for you!

Exclusive access to astonishing locations

In comparison to the traditional large cruise ship, small ship cruises have the innate ability to navigate into hard-to-reach destinations thanks to their reduced size.  From hidden gems and little-known coves to welcoming cities, passengers are introduced to new and exciting regions to explore that other lines and ships simply cannot offer. Moreover, the small size allows for these ships to dock into port within shouting distance of each setting, perfect for those who appreciate being able to soak in the sights and sounds even when onboard or in a suite!

Noticeably personalised service

A major benefit to making your next dream holiday a small ship cruise is the impeccably personalised service provided by marvellous staff. Small ship cruise lines endeavour to make every adventure with them a lasting one. As such, every ship has staff who dedicate themselves to creating a ‘home away from home’ ambience, which extends beyond just learning your name. From finding out your preferences to answering every special request with ease, small ship cruise service will truly make you feel like you never need to lift a finger for the entire trip.

Connect with like-minded adventurers!

Adding to the ‘home away from home’ atmosphere, a major advantage with a small ship cruise is the exceedingly warm and welcoming ambience. This cosy environment means passengers can truly connect with fellow travellers for the entirety of the trip and forge lasting bonds and unforgettable memories with new, like-minded friends. With smaller lounge areas, bars, libraries, and social spaces, every cruise emanates an air of calmness perfect for socialising or taking some time to read a book.

With smaller crowds comes intimate onshore escapes

Regardless of the destination, small cruise ships have the innate benefit of a less stressful embarkation and disembarkation process. With a smaller group of people, passengers can explore every new location without the worry of fighting through crowds of fellow travellers to board a bus, van or zodiac. Furthermore, certain destinations (such as Antarctica) are not even available to accommodate larger ships due to the volume of traffic that would hit the shore. Looking for a more relaxing holiday with a crew who more than look after you? A small ship cruise is perfect for you!

Sail away on a Small Ship Cruise today!

Want to start organising your next remarkable holiday with a small ship cruise? Be sure to enquire here with Discerning Traveller to get in touch with us today! We have a team of passionate and experienced cruise experts who dedicate themselves to planning a voyage that is personalised to your tastes. Likewise, our team can assist you with any potential query you may have about small ship cruises and the various small ship cruise line offers that are available. Contact us now and kick-start your extraordinary adventure today!

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