Scenic Ocean Cruises?

With elegant accommodation, tantalising dining, and itineraries sailing to phenomenal destinations Scenic ocean cruises are the perfect way to explore the world and satisfy your wanderlust. From hidden harbours to bustling market cities to sprawling concrete jungles, Scenic boasts an impressive range of itineraries that are destined to spark your sense of endless adventure. With more than 30 years of experience in crafting unforgettable holidays in destinations across the globe, Scenic is easily the best place to go for your next voyage.

From the breathtaking icy landscapes to the awe-inspiring vistas of Santorini, Greece, Scenic works tirelessly to make sure every cruise is special for the entirety of the voyage. With an incredible array of immersive and stimulating on-shore experiences at every port of call, your time with Scenic will leave you with stories you can tell your friends for many years to come. Plus, with experienced Scenic guides at your side for the entire excursion, guests are able to visit each locale with insightful information that aims to maximise your ability to explore.

For Scenic, being able to adventure at your pace is absolutely essential in crafting a truly special holiday. To ensure this happens for every guest, the luxury travel company offers Scenic Freechoice at almost every port of call. This essentially allows guests with Scenic the flexibility to choose what excursion they prefer. Whether you want to simply tour the major landmarks of a city or go on an immersive and hands-on expedition, Scenic will happily accommodate for you.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 1986
Ships: 1
Max Passengers: 228

Is Scenic right for you?

Scenic ocean cruises are the perfect choice for well-versed travellers who wish to elevate their experience with a holiday in extravagant luxury regardless of the destination. With their marvellous new ship Scenic Eclipse, guests can explore regions regularly associated with rough conditions such as Antarctica and the Arctic in lavish luxury. From attentive butler service, scintillating cuisine, to decadent suites, Scenic promises an upscale holiday experience regardless of the destination.

Guests travelling with Scenic regularly highlight the astonishing selection of experiences on offer at every moment of the trip. Experience unmatched exploration with Scenic Discovery as you explore locales in exciting new ways along with a useful guide. Enjoy exclusive VIP access to destinations at popular venues across the globe with Scenic Enrich. Adventure your own way through Scenic Freechoice and booking into excursions that suit your preferences. With so much to choose from at every stop, it is no wonder why guests regularly return again and again to holiday with Scenic.

What comes complimentary with Scenic ocean cruises?

  • Butler service for every guest
  • All dining options - except for Chef’s Table @ Elements
  • Most non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages
  • Extensive selection of shore excursions including Scenic Enrich and Scenic Freechoice experiences
  • Unlimited WiFi when available
  • Access to Spa Sanctuary, gym, yoga and pilates studio

Why choose Scenic ocean cruises?

  • Enjoy unparalleled adventure with a remarkable choice of complimentary experiences, tours, and on-shore activities
  • Revel in luxury with commodious suites fitted with an impressive selection of included amenities regardless of the type of lodging you book
  • Dine at enticing restaurants and venues serving fresh ingredients and cuisine that promises to delight

Our Recommendation

Reach the remarkable shores of Antarctica!

A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience that every veteran traveller needs to explore, Antarctica is a breathtaking wilderness jam-packed with unbridled adventure. Through the “Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands” offered by Scenic, embark on a sublime voyage taking you to extraordinary destinations in Antarctica and its neighbouring areas. From going up close and personal with penguins and other marine life to riding on a zodiac past colossal icebergs, this 19 day itinerary promises to be unforgettable at every moment.

Enquire here to learn more about the “Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands” adventures today.

Sail through the enchanting Greek Islands with Scenic

Although there are an abundance of ways to explore the phenomenal Greek Isles, nothing can quite live up to the magic that is the “Greek Islands and Ephesus” cruise with Scenic. Sail on a lavish ultra-luxury ocean cruise ship boasting world-class accommodations and delightful cuisine as you wander through the sun-soaked shores of Greece and Turkey. Start planning your next holiday with this incredible 9 day cruise with Scenic today!

Enquire here  to learn more about the “Greek Islands and Ephesus” cruises with Discerning Traveller.

What are the accommodation options on Scenic?

Their stunning ship Scenic Eclipse has been fitted with every single amenity and service you could possibly need on your voyage, and this extends to your accommodation. Each of Scenic Eclipse’s 114 luxurious suites are exquisitely designed to be your dream home away from home.

Sleep soundly on the luxurious king size Scenic Slumber Bed fitted with Egyptian cotton linen and a perfect pillow chosen from their extensive pillow menu. Unwind after a long day of adventure with your own private verandah or terrace. Have all your needs taken care of with every suite coming with butler service. Whether you choose the excellent Verandah Suite or the extravagant Grand Panorama Suite, Scenic promises magnificent luxury for your entire ocean cruise.

What dining options are available on Scenic ocean cruises?

Your dining experience on Scenic Eclipse is easily one of the major highlights of any Scenic ocean cruise. Undoubtedly ambitious and creative, every restaurant and venue onboard this fantastic ship is designed to be bold, exciting, and - most importantly - delicious. Enjoy a riveting culinary experience with your closest friends with a private night in Teppanyaki @ Koko’s. Taste tantalising flavours through an exclusive invitation to degustation dining at Chef’s Table @ Elements. Order a mouth-watering steak or grab your favourite pasta dish at Scenic Eclipse’s main restaurant Elements. No matter the choice, Scenic will have a dining option suited to your preferences.

Aside from Chef’s Table @ Elements, every dining venue comes complimentary with your passenger fee. Guests who prefer to dine privately can additionally choose to have In-Suite dining - a service which is available at all hours of the day with its own comprehensive menu. Moreover, dietary requirements are easily accommodated for upon request regardless of the venue due.

Is there a dress code for Scenic?

While Scenic ocean cruises have no designated formal nights, the recommended on-board dress code is elegant casual for most restaurants. The suggested attire for women includes a dress, skirt or slacks with a sweater or blouse. For men, guests will typically wear trousers or pants with a collared shirt. When relaxing on board, the dress code is smart casual and comfortable. Some guests occasionally like to dress up a little nicer on special events such as the final night or the captains welcome, however, this is completely optional and is not a requirement for you to dress up in a suit and tie.

What are the most popular activities on Scenic ocean cruises?

While the majority of time you will find guests on Scenic ocean cruises experiencing the various onshore excursions offered to them at every port of call, there are quite a lot of facilities on-board to keep you busy. From treating yourself to a treatment or rejuvenating massage at the spa, lounging around by the pool, to enjoying the gorgeous views from their viewing platforms, Scenic ensures that guests are kept busy for the entire voyage.


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