Tauck Small Ship Cruises?

Navigate the world like never before on an extraordinary Tauck small ship cruise. Purposefully designed to provide adventurers up close and personal access to exciting cultures, Tauck small ship cruises regularly discover little-known coves, untouched paradises, and awe-inspiring communities. With must-see itineraries featuring bucket-list destinations from Antarctica expeditions to adventuring the wonders of Europe, Tauck small ship cruises have an adventure thoughtfully organised for every kind of traveller. Let your dreams set sail today with a small ship cruise with Tauck.

It is often the little things that make the biggest difference in a holiday, and this value rings true with Tauck: incredibly personalised service throughout any small ship voyage carefully managed by world-class Tauck Directors; an expansive list of complementary inclusions on every journey so that passengers rarely have to worry about taking out their wallets; and a selection of remarkably immersive and exclusive onshore activities each meticulously organised to suit the desires and interests of each traveller. Tauck has timelessly illustrated through the above and more that their dedication to the destination is unparalleled, leaving passengers with life-lasting positive memories and the desire to travel again.

Patrons who board any Tauck small ship cruise are afforded a masterfully designed ship crafted to exude comfortable sophistication. From well-appointed interior design, décor and luxuriously arranged suites with convenient amenities, to tantalising world cuisine deliciously prepared by expert chefs, the journey is just as important as the destination, and Tauck has endeavoured to ensure every adventure with them is as unforgettable as the next. Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime escape with a Tauck small ship cruise today.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 1925
Ships: 13
Max Passengers: 40-310

Are Tauck Small Ship Cruises right for you?

Tauck small ship cruises are diligently designed for active adventurers who have a keen interest in discovering different cultures, tasting delicious world cuisine, and participating in exciting current events or festivals. Cruises with Tauck are packed with stimulating, active shore excursions that allow patrons to immerse themselves in the various locales in the itinerary. Additionally, Tauck has further enhanced every adventure through their outstanding “Tauck Experiences” that afford passengers to exclusive activities that take them beyond the ordinary. From seeing the Vatican in serenity with after-hours access, to dining under the stars with live music in ancient Ephesus, Tauck patrons are connected on a more meaningful level with a place and its people.

Moreover, the like-minded and affluent explorers on a Tauck cruise greatly appreciate the impeccable service provided to them on every voyage. Passengers are lovingly cared for by a Tauck Director, boasting an average 10+ years of experience, who passionately ensure every excursion is perfectly run and any question or query is answered using their extensive knowledge of the location. Small ship cruises with Tauck also have a strong list of included amenities and conveniences which ensure patrons rarely need to worry or take out their credit cards for hidden payments.

What comes complimentary with a Tauck Small Ship Cruise?

Your passenger fare on a Tauck cruise comes complimentary with the following:

  • All onboard meals
  • Exclusive ‘Tauck Experiences’
  • Handpicked premier accommodations
  • Local cultural performances
  • Airport transfers on arrival/departure
  • Luggage handling
  • Exclusive dining ashore
  • All private shore excursions
  • Port charges/fuel surcharges
  • All gratuities
  • Free Wi-Fi (where internet service is provided)

Why go on a Tauck Small Ship Cruise?

  • Enjoy gorgeously designed and intimate small ships afford passengers a warm atmosphere and an inviting community
  • Embark on impressive hands-on and intimate onshore excursions which connect travellers to the destination on a deeper level
  • Travel with experienced Tauck Directors who have an immense library knowledge and understanding of the itinerary, the shore excursions, and know-how to handle any kind of situation or scenario

Our Recommendation

Tour the Land of Fire & Ice!

Experience the surreal surroundings and often breathtaking natural landscapes of Iceland - the Land of Fire & Ice - with an exhilarating itinerary whisking avid adventurers on a fascinating journey through mountain-ringed fjords, enchanting glaciers, and incredible lava fields. This is simply a fantastical getaway, taking travellers off-the-beaten-path to quiet villages, unexplored towns, and welcoming communities. Carefully planned and managed by knowledgeable Tauck Directors, your cruise through Iceland will be nothing less than exceptional.

Enquire with us today to learn more about Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice cruises.

Unearth the hidden treasures of Galapagos

Nothing compares to the unhindered natural paradise of the Galapagos Islands. Whether you wish to embark on an ultimate family adventure through Galapagos, or join a landmark and history packed cruise through the islands as well as Peru, any itinerary you choose will always be something special. Tranquil sceneries are present throughout the entire voyage, and rare species only found on the Galapagos react to you without fear. Start planning your next adventure to the Galapagos Islands with Tauck today!

What are the accommodation & dining options on a Tauck Small Ship Cruise?

Tauck has partnered with a number of illustrious and famed luxury cruise lines to craft an unparalleled small ship cruise experience. As part of this collaboration, Tauck charters group space on a ship from one of these renowned cruise lines. This affords guests the opportunity to socialise and encounter other like-minded and adventure-seeking patrons who share similar ideals but may have no prior knowledge of Tauck. Regardless of ship, Tauck travellers will receive the same level of service by Tauck Directors, complimentary inclusions, and intimate excursions guests have come to expect.

The cruise lines Tauck has partnered with include:

  • Windstar
  • Silversea
  • Ponant

Is there a dress code for Tauck Small Ship Cruises?

The dress code for Tauck small ship cruises during the evenings is smart casual in order to dine at the various dining venues. Travellers naturally tend to dress on the nicer side most nights, however, you will not be pressured into wearing a tie or specific formal wear. The dress code generally is dependent however on the destination. Tauck expeditions to locales such as Antarctica, Iceland, or Galapagos have more casual attire designed to keep travellers warm throughout their journey.

What are Tauck Small Ship Cruises’ most popular activities?

Tauck small ship cruises are very destination-intensive voyages, and as such patrons spend a bulk of their time off-ship exploring wonderful ports of call. With immersive shore excursions and exclusive ‘Tauck Experiences’ forming much of their time, passengers are focused on discovering every nook and cranny of a region while gaining a unique perspective and knowledge of the local culture. Otherwise, passengers spend their time onboard relaxing or casually socialising with fellow patrons of the small ship, usually over a tasteful drink or dish at a charming bar or lavish lounge.


Tauck Small Ship Cruises Offers

One bonus hotel night*

Tauck - Europe River Cruising

Enjoy Europe river cruising with Tauck and take advantage of a complimentary pre or post hotel 1 night stay. Hurry this won't last long*

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One bonus hotel night*

Tauck - Europe Cruise Tours

Enjoy Cruise Tours with Tauck and take advantage of a complimentary pre or post hotel 1 night stay. Hurry this won't last long*

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One bonus hotel night*

Tauck - Exclusive Hotel Bonus

For a limited time and exclusive to Discerning Traveller, book a Tauck itinerary and enjoy one bonus hotel night*.

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