The Rising Tide of Luxury Cruises

Published on: May 24, 2024
With an unprecendented boom, luxury cruises is rapidly becoming the first choice for voyagers all across the globe. Find out why here.

Luxury cruising is experiencing an unprecedented boom, captivating travellers worldwide with its opulent offerings and unique experiences. While most adventurers might first associate cruises with your typical "big ships" with thousands of guests, standard dining options, and itineraries sailing to tourist hotspots, luxury cruises go against the grain.  These voyages go above and beyond with generally smaller-sized ships to allow for more personalised service, exquisite dining options prepared by experienced chefs, and hand-picked itineraries that blend familiar favourites with unique locales.

Despite the higher cost, interest and demand for luxury cruising has never been at such an all-time high. With this demand, cruise lines are more than happy to accommodate. Let's dive into how luxury cruising is increasing across the globe in the nifty infographic below.

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Luxury Cruises Infographic diving into the increasing popularity of luxury cruise travel.

Steady Growth of Luxury Ships

The luxury cruise sector has been riding a remarkable wave of expansion, with the number of luxury ships consistently increasing by about 30% every five years since 2010. This phenomenal growth is a testament to the burgeoning demand for exquisite travel experiences that blend opulence with adventure. This was further illustrated with 70 luxury ships sailing the seas, constituting more than a quarter of the overall cruise fleet worldwide. With projections indicating that by 2028 we'll have nearly 100 ships sailing the seas, it is so easy to see why this sector of travel is growing at unprecedented rates.

Imagine stepping aboard a floating palace where every detail is meticulously crafted to perfection, from lavish suites with panoramic ocean views to world-class dining that rivals the finest restaurants on land. This surge in luxury cruise ships means more opportunities to explore the world in unparalleled comfort and style. Sounds exciting right? With more luxury ships hitting our shores, it's clear now more than ever that guests want to sail in opulence and are happy to pay for that level of excellence.

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New Entrants Elevate the Market

Several new ships have recently entered the market, enhancing the excitement and diversity of luxury cruising. Among the most anticipated additions is Scenic Eclipse II, a stunning ship that promises to elevate the luxury cruising experience to unprecedented heights. With its sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and a range of adventurous itineraries, Scenic Eclipse II is designed for those who seek both comfort and exploration. Its opulent suites, gourmet dining options, and onboard helicopter and submarine excursions make it a floating sanctuary of indulgence and discovery.

Silver Nova from the award-winning Silversea is another notable entrant, bringing a blend of timeless elegance and modern sophistication. Silversea is renowned for its all-inclusive luxury and exceptional service, and Silver Nova is no exception. This ship offers a unique all-suite experience, featuring expansive ocean-view suites, personalized butler service, and a variety of gourmet dining venues. Its itineraries cover some of the world's most intriguing destinations, allowing guests to explore with utmost comfort and style.

Emerald Cruises is also making waves with the upcoming launch of the Emerald Kaia. Known for its innovative approach to river and ocean cruising, Emerald Cruises combines modern luxury with exceptional value. Emerald Kaia will offer a fresh perspective on luxury cruising with its sleek design, contemporary interiors, and a variety of exclusive itineraries. Guests can expect top-notch amenities, fine dining, and unparalleled service as they explore some of the world’s most captivating destinations.

These new ships epitomize the luxury cruising experience with their state-of-the-art amenities, exquisite design, and exclusive itineraries. They offer travellers a unique opportunity to explore the world in a manner that is both lavish and adventurous. With each new ship, the luxury cruise market continues to evolve, providing more options for travellers seeking the ultimate in comfort, style, and exploration. Now has never been a better time to embark on a luxurious voyage and experience the world like never before.

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Why Now is the Best Time to Book

The continuous expansion of luxury cruise fleets means that travellers have more choices than ever before. Each new ship brings with it unique features, itineraries, and experiences. This growth not only increases availability but also introduces innovative amenities and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that every voyage is exceptional. Whether you're a seasoned cruiser or new to the world of luxury cruises, the variety and quality of options available today make it the perfect time to book.

Furthermore, with more luxury ships sailing the world's oceans, the range of destinations you can explore is broader than ever. Imagine cruising the serene waters of the Mediterranean, and visiting historic cities and picturesque villages along the way. Or perhaps you prefer the inviting cultures and stunning landscapes of Asia, where every port of call offers new adventures and discoveries. For those seeking natural beauty and rugged landscapes, Norway's breathtaking fjords and wildlife provide a truly awe-inspiring backdrop. Whatever your dream destination, the expanding luxury cruise market ensures that there's a perfect itinerary waiting for you.

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