Virgin Voyages?

Looking to make a major splash in the industry, Virgin Voyages is taking modern cruises to the next level by creating an innovative and beyond extraordinary adults-only adventure. Travellers can unleash their wanderlust as they are whisked away to stunning sun-soaked locales in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. With a late stay and an overnight stay on every cruise with Virgin Voyages, passengers are afforded an abundance of time to explore their enchanting locations on their own schedule.

A cruise is more than just a destination, and Virgin Voyages have constructed sensational ships brimming with extraordinary onboard activities that guarantee long-lasting memories. Whether you wish to reconnect with your body and soul, relax by the pool, or dance the night away, a Virgin Voyage cruise has everything you possibly need and more.

Cabins are more than just a living space for Virgin Voyages, and they have endeavoured to create lodging that accommodates any lifestyle, mood, or occasion. Each lavish cabin or suite can be dramatically transformed with a simple button press, from a comfortable abode to sleep to an expansive space to host some new friends. For those searching for a future-focused and adults-only cruise adventure, there is no better choice than Virgin Voyages.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 2014
Ships: 4
Max Passengers: 2,770

Are Virgin Voyages right for you?

Virgin Voyages are geared directly toward the modern traveller seeking an exhilarating adults-only experience that is more than just about relaxing on a beach. Each Virgin Voyage cruise is meticulously crafted to provide endless excitement throughout the entirety of the journey, with thrilling onboard activities, a booming nightlife, and breathtaking destinations. Passengers who board Virgin Voyages live for the thrill and are constantly exploring the ship to find new inventive facilities and socialise with like-minded active adventurers.

Travellers on a Virgin Voyage revel in discovery both off the ship and onboard. Innovative spins on classic services such as the incredibly social Athletic Club or the bustling nightlife at The Manor prove to be major draws. Furthermore, exciting new facilities such as the remarkable first-ever tattoo studio or the memory-making private karaoke naturally bring in the curious passengers. Virgin Voyages’ passengers adore the uniqueness of Richard Branson’s vision for modern luxury cruising.

What comes complimentary on a Virgin Voyages Cruise?

Your cruise fare on Virgin Voyages comes complimentary with:

  • A selection non-alcoholic beverages
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Most entertainment experiences
  • All dining options
  • All gratuities
  • Group fitness classes

Why go on a Virgin Voyage?

  • Experience inventive and exciting new takes on modern luxury cruises for adults-only
  • Enjoy the buzzing nightlife teeming with highly sociable like-minded explorers
  • Take advantage of convenient complimentary amenities such as all dining and unlimited Wi-Fi

Our Recommendation

Expand your palate by trying all dining options!

All dining options come complimentary with your cruise fare on Virgin Voyages, so why hold back? With a near-endless selection of enticing restaurants from a variety of specialties, there is a perfect place for every traveller. Try out something new and discover your next favourite with Virgin Voyages!

Sing your heart out at the private karaoke

After spending your day excitedly exploring gorgeous destinations or lounging by the pool, let your voice come alive by booking into a private karaoke session at The Groupie. Sporting a modernist take on the Japanese past-time, passengers can break out into roaring choruses or intimate duets with a truly extensive selection of classic songs spanning decades and genres. Book into a private session on your cruise and guarantee you and your friends an unforgettable time.

What are the accommodation options on Virgin Voyages?

Passengers will feel at home on a Virgin Voyages cruise, with yacht-inspired lodgings boasting thoughtfully designed ground-breaking technology. Featuring mood-matching lights and rotatable beds that all adjust with a press of the button, each cabin is designed to feel modular and be able to shift swiftly based on a guest’s mood or occasion.


Cabins are split into three equally lavish types, each catering to different styles of travel. The Insider cabin is perfect for groups and solo travellers alike who prefer an intimate living space and love to explore the ship and destination. Sea View cabins are great for guests who love a close-up view of the ocean or destination, but do not want to deal with wind blowing into their hair. The Sea Terrace boasts a commodious space and an expansive view of the horizon from the private balcony.

RockStar Suites:

Guests who desire an indulgent holiday or an extravagant escape should promptly book into one of the luxurious RockStar suites. An abundance of space is provided in every suite, with some wonderful amenities included such as a marbled Peek-a-Boo shower, improved Wi-Fi, and a fully stocked mini bar. With a variety of different styles each coming with unique benefits, travellers can never go wrong when booking on Virgin Voyages.

Patrons who want to experience exclusivity and top-tier luxury alternatively can also book into the Mega RockStar Suites. These sprawling abodes are wonderfully designed with the aforementioned benefits but elevated to a higher level. Never feel uncomfortable or restricted by booking into a Mega RockStar suite today.

What dining options are available on Virgin Voyages?

Welcomed by the contemporary traveller, Virgin Voyages have no set dining times, no buffets, no explicit dining dress code, and no main dining room. Instead, Virgin Voyages have outfitted their ships with a plethora of tantalising restaurants.

The 20+ dining venues offer a variety of cuisine across the culinary spectrum for all styles of eating and palates. One of these options is the largest restaurant known as The Wake, a gorgeous speedboat designed steakhouse serving up stunning steaks and sumptuous cocktails throughout the day and well into the night. Another is the fantastic Gunbae, the outstanding Korean BBQ location perfect for those wanting to socialise with a group of friends over some mouth-watering delights. You can alternatively order food and drink delivery for your cabin or suite at any time of the day or night using their Sailor App.

Is there a dress code for Virgin Voyages?

Virgin Voyages do not have a dress code. Instead the cruise line wants passengers to be as comfortable as possible. That being said, they do recommend not wearing a bathing suit and sporting shoes in restaurants out of respect for fellow travellers.

What are Virgin Voyages’ most popular activities?

Every cruise with Virgin Voyages is built to enchant everyone who board through their vast selection of onboard activities and things to do. During the day you may find passengers lounging at one of the many relaxation areas, such as The Perch on the upper deck, or indulging in some much-needed self-care at the Redemption spa. Virgin Voyages also holds host to the world’s first on-ship tattoo parlour known as Squid Ink, which will naturally prove to be a point of interest for the curious traveller.

Once the sun sets, any Virgin Voyage becomes a vibrant festival, with passengers actively socialising and meeting new people at entertainment venues such as the Red Room. Revellers may also head down to the Manor, their trendy nightclub with beautifully decorated lights and pumping music.


Virgin Voyages Offers

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