Explora Journeys?

Discover an innovative and ground-breaking experience-focused adventure on Explora Journeys cruises. Imbuing their ‘Ocean State of Mind’ into every angle of adventure, Explora Journeys seeks to redefine the meaning of luxury ocean travel. From their all-inclusive journeys and world-class dining venues to the rejuvenating Ocean wellness program, Explora Journeys have gone above and beyond to offer guests an unforgettable way to sail the seas.

Every Explora Journeys cruise is destined to be special no matter the destination, with each day onboard carefully curated to perfectly suit your tastes. Attentive hosts are on call to help with anything you need no matter how trivial it might seem to you. Furthermore, with nine inclusive culinary experiences on offer across the ship, every meal on Explora Journeys cruises is guaranteed to be something new and tantalising.

What really stands out on Explora Journeys cruises is their first-rate selection of itineraries. Through their distinct focus on destination immersion, every experience on land is one guests will remember for a lifetime. Whether you plan to unwind in the Caribbean, fall in love with adventure in Northern Europe, or gaze upon spectacular glaciers in Alaska, Explora Journeys boasts an exquisite selection of destination immersions that will leave you in awe.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 2021
Ships: 2
Max Passengers: 1,473

Is Explora Journeys right for you?

Adventurers who seek to find an authentically unique style of luxury travel will immediately be attracted to Explora Journeys cruises. Offering a luxury cruising experience that puts destination immersion at the forefront, Explora Journeys will undoubtedly be at the top of mind for travellers who desire holidays from a wholly different perspective. With tailored land experiences alongside meticulously perfected small group explorations, the time spent on shore is one guests will remark about regardless of where they are.

Moreover, the onboard experience is one that is noticeably calming and enriching. Their brilliant Ocean Wellness spa program brightly shines with a fantastic number of innovative treatments done by expert specialists. Guests who use the Ocean Wellness facilities embark on a deeply personal journey that can rejuvenate your senses and can assist in improving your sleep, immunity enhancement, mindfulness, and so much more.

What comes complimentary on Explore Journeys Cruises?

Your cruise fare on Explora Journeys cruises comes complimentary with:

  • In-suite welcome bottle of champagne upon arrival
  • A bottle of wine and a bottle of spirits of the guests’ choice upon arrival
  • Nine culinary experiences, including in-suite dining
  • Unlimited non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages*
  • All on-board gratuities
  • Unlimited, high-speed Wi-Fi across the ship
  • Shuttle services from port to city centre when required
  • Access to spa thermal area
  • Wellbeing and fitness programmes onboard and at destinations

*Select ultra-exquisite wines, spirits, and liqueurs are available at an additional fee

Why book a cruise with Explora Journeys?

  • Experience authentic destination-focused immersion perfectly paired with all-inclusive luxury ocean travel
  • Revitalise your body through invigorating wellness treatments and programmes available on the ship and on land
  • Savour exquisite flavours at one of their nine included dining venues across the ship

Our Recommendation

Take advantage of their marvellous Tailored Experiences!

Adventure without any compromise on Explora Journeys cruises. More than just customised shore excursions, Tailored Experiences are all about crafting a journey on land that no other explorer has ever experienced. No matter how off-the-beaten-path or one-of-a-kind, Explora Journeys can more than happily accommodate and adapt a destination experience to your liking. Whether you plan to explore as part of a large group or want a romantic escape with your loved one, every Tailored Experience will be uniquely yours to enjoy.

Contact us today to learn more about their Tailored Experiences.

Explore like never before on In-Country Immersions

Sometimes the best travel memories are only a moment or two away on land. As such, Explora Journeys have designed three or more day In-Country Immersions that truly elevate your immersion in each locale. Race along the sands on an ATV, gain a birds-eye view on a hot-air balloon, wander the wilderness with trained local guides to jaw-dropping natural wonders, bucket-list moments such as this are what await through In-Country Immersions. Plus, with 5-star accommodations, luxury transportation options no matter where you go, VIP access to major sites and events, and so much more, the very best of Explora Journeys is in store on In-Country Immersions.

Learn more about In-Country immersions with Discerning Traveller.

What are the accommodation options on Explora Journeys Cruises?

Explora Journey accommodation options are purpose-built with one goal in mind: to create a home at sea. Through this, their all-suite accommodation options come with refined European décor, a spacious outdoor private space, and an alfresco dining area. Plus, with 24-hour service, guest will never feel out-of-sorts, with every question answered and request completed in moments.


Elegant adventure begins with their Ocean Suites, each carefully designed to not only maximise space but also heighten comfort. With oversized floor-to-ceiling windows making way for glorious destination views, a spacious lounge area, and a bespoke king-sized bed (or twin), comfort really is paramount in Explora Journeys Ocean Suites. Plus, with options like Ocean Terrace Suites and Ocean Grand Suites that enlarge the space but also elevate in-suite amenities, it is easy to see why guests love to choose these options.

With an expanded dining space alongside a separated bedroom (in certain suites), the Ocean Penthouses are the perfect option for those who want to treat themselves while sailing on Explora Journeys cruises. Though, if you really want to experience what Explora Journeys envisions for ‘home at sea’, then look no further than their Ocean Residences. Offering private butler services, a separated lounge and dining space capable of hosting guests, as well as a decadent marble bathroom, Ocean Residences pushes the boundaries of luxury ocean cruises.

For unmatched extravagance, we strongly recommend the Owner’s Residence. By far the most spacious accommodation onboard Explora Journeys cruises, the Owner’s Residence offers multiple breathtaking spaces that rival even the best 6-star resorts on land. With a decadent marble double vanity bathroom, an expansive ocean-front terrace, dedicated private butler services, and mesmerising décor - the Owner’s Residence is executive-level luxury at its apex.

What dining options are available on Explora Journeys?

Extraordinary European flavours paired with world-class front-of-house service, every dining venue on Explora Journeys cruises is one to be remembered. With nine included dining venues each vying for your attention, deciding what to taste next can often be the hardest decision you might make during your luxury cruise. With six restaurants, in-suite dining, the must-try Chef’s Kitchen, as well as 12 bars and lounges, you have more than plenty to choose from throughout your entire journey.

Anthology stands as the peak of their dining options, with a divine menu curated by celebrated chefs, this elegant indoor and al fresco restaurant is a must for any guest on any Explora Journeys cruise. Those who are in the mood for flavoursome Asian cuisine should wander over to Sakura. Offering a wonderful mix of Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, and Vietnamese cuisine, Sakura additionally comes with a Sake sommelier and a host of Asian-influenced beverages.

If a guest instead prefers to taste the mouth-watering sensation of a good steak, then Marble & Co. Grill is the place to be. Whilst taking influence from classic steakhouse elements, Marble & Co. Grill elevates its game with uniquely European elements that extend beyond its refined décor. Nevertheless, sometimes at sea you just need a little bit of personal time, and the included In-Suite Dining option just that. Available 24-hours, In-Suite Dining allows guests to get a delicious taste of each of Explora Journeys’ excellent dining venues across the ship.

Is there a dress code for Explora Journeys?

Explora Journeys does not have an explicit dress code that guests need to adhere to. That said, the cruise line recommends wearing an “Elegant Resort Casual” style whilst onboard. That generally means to avoid wearing shorts, t-shirts, and sandals (unless styled appropriately).

What are the most popular activities on a Explora Journeys Cruises?

After an eventful day on land, there is still plenty of exciting and enriching activities or events to see onboard any Explora Journeys cruise. You could take it easy and soak in the live music happening across the ship at one of their intimate lounges. Guests may take part in a whisky mixology class run where they attempt to perfect making four signature cocktails. If you’re able to stay up till midnight, the Bal Mythos event begins where guests sport handcrafted masks of gods and goddesses and dance the night away.


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