Antarctica Cruises 2022, 2023

Rugged and covered in white, Antarctica cruises offer you the chance to explore a rarely touched region of the globe filled with natural wonders and marvellous wildlife. From commanding glaciers to rolling mountains enveloped with snow, an Antarctica cruise truly transports you to another world. Furthermore, with an abundance of various kinds of whales, colonies of penguins, to herds of seals, Antarctica holidays should be at the top of every adventurers bucket lists. Grab your snow gear and check out the latest Antarctica cruises and Antarctica cruise tours on sale now!

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Explore the unimaginable on an Antarctica cruise

Whether you are sailing with Ponant or Silversea, Antarctica cruises are destined to be once-in-a-lifetime adventures that let you journey through areas that are simply put – out of this world. Step forth on a purpose-built Antarctica expedition cruise ship and embark on a voyage that few will ever get to experience. Throughout your journey down to Antarctica, you will likely enjoy an insightful selection of enrichment activities including lectures from special guests and walk-throughs from the talented crew on how best to explore Antarctica. All while tasting sumptuous flavours from the dining venues and befriending like-minded travellers at the various lounges and social areas. The most exciting part is that by this point you will be reaching the best part – Antarctica itself!

Sail the scenic, snow-capped shores of Antarctica

Boasting some truly marvellous landscapes and an endless horizon of blue and white, Antarctica cruises promise a never-ending supply of breathtaking moments. Safely board a Zodiac, take the adventure further by sailing through tighter waterways and encounter sights that change at every moment. Explore the overwhelming splendour of the Antarctic Peninsula and uncover glaciers, mountain-ranges, and stunning icebergs that need to be seen to be believed. Whether it’s the tranquil waters of Crystal Sound or the rugged grounds of Hope Bay, Antarctica cruises never fail to impress.

Meet the local wildlife on Antarctica cruises

The highlight for many voyagers on Antarctica cruises and Antarctica holidays has to be the chance to come across the local and endemic wildlife of the region. While you will not meet any Polar Bears down south, travellers will certainly meet their fair share of penguins, seals, whales, and birds! Moreover, almost every luxury Antarctica cruise line accounts for this and will have scheduled into the itinerary multiple opportunities to get up close or see from afar these magnificent creatures. From encountering colonies of large Gentoo penguins to feeding friendly whales, we strongly recommend making in a reservation to these onshore activities if you are able. Plus, Antarctica cruises guests will be directed by experienced guides of the region, imparting their years (or even decades!) of knowledge about this beautiful locale and its lively wildlife.

Book your upcoming Antarctica expedition cruise with Discerning Traveller

Planning your epic adventure to the South Pole can be a little stressful. In addition, with a limited number of Antarctica cruise itineraries on offer every summer, that dream voyage you have been thinking about might be gone by the time you are completely confident in booking! So, if are ever in need of assistance planning your Antarctica cruise, Discerning Traveller is here to help. Simply contact us by calling 1300 950 622 and one of our fantastic travel consultants can help you build a bespoke Antarctica cruise holiday that matches your preferences, schedule, and budget. Make planning your next holiday a stress-free one and book with Discerning Traveller today.

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Antarctica Cruises

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