South Pacific Cruises 2022, 2023

There are few places that match the peacefulness that comes with South Pacific cruises. Boasting soft and sandy shores, vibrant aquatic wildlife, as well as a captivating culture, Pacific Island cruises are the perfect combo between complete relaxation and unforgettable adventure. Take the plunge and go on a snorkelling trip through some colourful coral reefs. Grab your camera and embark on a comfortable hike to a photo-worthy view of the ocean. Kick back by the sea while your adrenaline-loving friends hire a Jet Ski and race around the coast. There are so many things to choose between on South Pacific cruises that it almost demands multiple voyages! Call your closest friends and family today to check out upcoming luxury South Pacific cruises.

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A serene paradise awaits on South Pacific cruises

Nothing beats lazing away on a beach chair and listening to the waves crash against the white sand on a South Pacific cruise. Moreover, with a nearly endless selection of beaches and hidden gems to choose from at each port of call, your next Pacific Island cruise promises relaxation for the entire voyage. Whether you are journeying through the dreamy shores of Fiji, the marvellous islands of Vanuatu, or the nature-rich lands of New Caledonia, South Pacific cruises are your one-way ticket to tranquillity. With so many different South Pacific cruises to choose between, it has never been better to book a voyage to this truly splendid region.

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life

Stressed out over work? Feeling a little too busy with everyday life? Then a Pacific Islands cruise is likely to be the perfect match for you. Interact with the friendly locals, whether it’s at the markets or by the bay, who are more than happy to welcome you into the carefree island culture. Relax by the calm beaches that beckon you to swim in its clear waters. Walk amongst the stunning forests and lagoons filled with unique wildlife. It is easy to see why so many city-dwellers love South Pacific cruises given they offer  so many chances for travellers to truly relax.

Compare Pacific Island cruises with a renowned cruise line

The splendour of South Pacific cruises is only heightened when you book with a luxury cruise line like WindStar, Ponant, or Silversea. With each of these cruise lines crafting specialised voyages to the region, your time sailing across the South Pacific will be filled to the brim with unforgettable moments. Every sailing is hand-picked, with each port of call on each island paired with a wide selection of onshore excursions that fit the styles of every kind of traveller. Furthermore, every ship offering South Pacific cruises on these cruise lines boast an amazing selection of onboard facilities. From scrumptious specialty dining options, beautifully decorated lounge spaces and bars, to incredible accommodation options, a Pacific Island cruise is destined to be one you’ll be sharing stories with your friends for many years to come.

Explore South Pacific cruises with Discerning Traveller

To truly elevate your South Pacific cruise, we cannot help but recommend extending your voyage with an additional hotel stay at one of the magnificent islands. Luckily, our travel consultants with decades of accumulated experience are on hand and can assist you with planning your dream South Pacific holiday. Contact us by calling 1300 955 622 and we can help you immediately with your travel plans. Whether you want to continue sailing across the seas with a cruise from the South Pacific to Hawaii or wish to let your cares fade away with a few extra days at a hotel or resort, Discerning Traveller is there to help with anything you ever need.

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