Solo & Single Cruises

Rapidly growing in popularity in recent years amongst adventurer’s young and old, solo cruises are quickly becoming a preferred method of travel. Whether it is the allure of meeting new like-minded explorers, the space of having a room all to yourself, or simply the chance to sightsee at your own pace, solo cruises offer a plethora of benefits unique to this travel style. Unlike group cruises, single cruises offer a near-endless amount of freedom and choice. Shore excursions, dining options, special events and games, solo travel allow you to do almost anything you wish without having to stress about whether your friends or relatives will be okay with it too.

The biggest worry about a solo cruise is the cost, as cruise lines can typically charge an additional single supplement fee as rooms are generally built to host two people. However, cruise lines have recognised the rising prominence of solo travel and often offer a number of sailings that forego this single supplement cost. Moreover, cruise lines have started to create staterooms that are purpose-built for solo travellers. Guests don’t want to be charged extra for wanting to explore by themselves, and these innovations help ensure every style of travel is accounted for. Travel the world your own way and book into a solo cruise today!

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Solo Cruises & Packages

Why your next holiday should be a Solo Cruise

Solo cruising might feel a little daunting for travellers, but once onboard, you are provided with a unique opportunity to escape from reality and truly treat yourself. If you have never been on a solo holiday let alone a solo cruise, booking on a trip can be scary, but it’s not as solitary as one might expect. Cruise lines have been increasingly encouraging solo travellers to hop on board over the years with additional benefits and events catered to singles. Take a look at a couple of reasons why your next holiday must be a solo cruise.

Find new life-long friends and connections

Meeting new friends on your cruise is a major draw for most solo travellers. Without the pressure of sticking with your own circle of friends, solo cruisers can encounter and socialise with like-minded passengers who share similar interests and beliefs. From fellow solo cruise passengers or a friendly group who are more than happy to invite you to their escapades on the ship, solo voyagers will never feel lonely on their trip. So rest easy knowing that there’s always someone keen to make an authentic connection with you!

Explore and holiday your own way

One of the unique benefits for solo travellers on a cruise is the boundless flexibility they have at their disposal. Want to book into an exciting snorkelling shore excursion? Take the plunge! Feeling like going hard on the dance floor instead of staying in the suite? Dance away! Thinking about that chocolate muffin you’ve been staring at for the last 15 minutes? No one is going to know! Without the need to consider other peoples interests and preferences, there are simply no limits in choice.

Plenty of activities to keep you busy!

Another worry a solo voyager might have is the fear of boredom as they sail from port to port. Those fears are for nought however, as the luxury cruise lines have created a vast array of activities and events on the ship to keep you busy for days on end. From cooking classes and contests, to ship tours, these group activities will not only keep you busy but also is a fantastic chance to strike up a conversation and make new friends.

Enjoy a cabin all to yourself

Whether it’s a purpose-built solo cabin or a commodious regular suite, solo travellers have an entire space to themselves to relax and unwind. Place your makeup across the vanity, leave your clothes all over the bed, and kick your feet up across the sofa, the room is yours to do whatever you wish. Moreover, with no one else to share the space, you won’t need to accommodate differing sleeping arrangements or wait for them as they use the bathroom.

Sail away hassle-free with a Solo Cruise!

Looking to book a solo cruise? Discerning Traveller is more than happy to help! Enquire here and our team will swiftly help in the booking process every step of the way. Organising a trip by yourself can be a little daunting, so our team of experienced cruise consultants can help alleviate any fears and stresses you may have. Embark on your next adventure today and book a solo cruise with Discerning Traveller!

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