Tauck Land Tours?

More than just a holiday, Tauck land tours are deeply enthralling and unforgettable adventures painstakingly crafted to authentically immerse you in the culture. Innovative and unique, exclusive yet inviting, taking your next holiday with a Tauck land tour opens the door to 95 years’ of high-quality travel experience that will imprint you with lifelong stories to tell your friends.

Leave your worries at home and step into an exceptional journey with no hassle at any point of your trip. Every point of your tour with Tauck is meticulously planned, from the airport transfers, private activities, to the luxurious accommodation. Your Tauck tour is designed to leave you with peace of mind and not a problem in the world. Easy, fun, and more than worth your time, start planning your next adventure with Tauck.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 1925
Destinations: 6 Continents
Group Size: 24+

Are Tauck land tours right for you?

A Tauck land tour is an amazing fit for culturally interested individuals who have a moderately active lifestyle. Guests who book into Tauck land tours enjoy being able to go on fairly active events which allow them to uniquely immerse themselves in their destination. These hand-on activities may additionally have exclusive access to famous landmarks and historical sites without the bustle of other tours. Tauck adventurers love to explore the culture of their locale, truly appreciating culinary arts, traditional performances, and stimulating history.

Furthermore, Tauck travellers are typically affluent and well-educated explorers who keenly seek out an all-inclusive tour with a sophisticated and personalised service. Every Tauck journey is hosted by a number of Tauck directors, each passionately devoted in ensuring your time with them is valued and memorable. This unparalleled service is part of their goal to create an experience for each guest that is sophisticated, worry-free, and outstandingly unforgettable.

Embarking on journeys throughout the globe, Tauck have an extensive library of land tours for any style of travel. Whether you wish to have an intimate trip with a loved one, a solo journey to meet and socialise with like-minded company, or to take your entire family on an incredible adventure, Tauck can more than accommodate for your needs. Never settle for the ordinary. Book into an inspiring Tauck land tour today!

What comes complimentary with a Tauck land tour?

Your land tour with Tauck comes complimentary with:

  • Access to cultural events known as ‘Tauck Experiences’
  • Local cultural performances
  • Handpicked premier accommodations
  • Airport transfers on arrival/departure
  • Luggage handling
  • Most meals (all breakfasts)
  • All gratuities except to Tauck Director and Driver
  • Free internet (where service is available)

Why go with Tauck?

  • Inspiring and outstanding hands-on activities that bring individuals a unique perspective on the local culture
  • Elegant yet welcoming service provided by experienced Tauck Directors who hold immense knowledge about the various destinations on the tour
  • Superb list of complimentary amenities in addition to luxurious accommodation and meals to keep you comfortable the entire trip

Our Recommendation

Take your loved ones on a Tauck Bridges Family Land Journey!

A remarkable way for families to discover the world together is through the extraordinary Tauck Bridges tours. These multigenerational experiences are carefully organised to keep all ages of the family stimulated throughout the adventure. With hands-on activities included that enhance all the senses from cooking classes, horseback riding, to river rafting, everyone in your family will be more than entertained. Add in all the complimentary amenities available on all Tauck tours and what you have is a wonderful family adventure that cannot be missed!

Enquire with us today for more information on Tauck Bridges tours.

Discover the Spirit of the Desert

One hallmark and signature land tour with Tauck is the magical Spirit of the Desert, an astounding journey that allows guests to explore six important national parks of the American West. From an early jaunt to see a captivating sunrise at the Arches National Park, to a marvellous outing to the phenomenal Grand Canyon, the Spirit of the Desert land tour takes you to every essential natural destination in the Wild West. This uniquely Tauck experience will give you long-lasting memories whilst having the well-appointed luxury that is expected with the illustrious travel company.

Enquire here to learn more about the magnificent Spirit of the Desert tours today.

Destinations with Tauck Tours

United States & Canada

Deeply rooted and founded from the United States, Tauck tours throughout North America is easily one of the best choices for a deeply immersive and simply unforgettable adventure in the continent. Tauck boasts an incredible selection of land tours and itineraries ranging from witnessing the wonders of North America’s national parks, exploring the tropical paradise of Hawaii, to discovering the deep history of Canada and New England. For those looking for some of the best Tauck has to offer, look no further than the US and Canada.


Bustling with diverse cultures, unbelievable artistry, as well as an immense and storied history spanning centuries, booking into a Tauck Europe land tour promises to captivate every kind of traveller. Whether you desire a jaunt through lesser-known locales, a journey through breathtaking historical sites or buildings, or a deeply inspiring adventure soaking in artistic masterpieces, Tauck has a tour just right for you and your friends. Combined with tantalising complimentary dining with exquisite flavours and luxury accommodation in handpicked hotels, there is no better way to explore Europe than with Tauck.


Full of life and an abundance of fantastical cultures, Asia is packed with alluring cultural traditions and new innovative technologies which attract countless adventurers. Tauck Asia land tours span over the entire continent and across a vast array of countries. This includes visiting the intricately designed tea rooms and temples of Japan, enjoying an exciting tuk-tuk ride in Thailand, to walking through the Great Wall of China. Experience all the sights and sounds of Asia with a remarkable Tauck tour today!


Fascinating and unique, exploring Africa through Tauck is an experience like no other. From coming close to the exotic wildlife through a safari in the Serengeti, gazing upon the architectural wonders of the pyramids in Egypt, to experiencing the buzzing Moroccan markets, a Tauck Africa land tour ticks all the boxes and so much more. Experience the local traditions and enchanting natural landscapes of Africa with Tauck.

Australia & New Zealand

Packed with natural wonders and unique flora and fauna, Australia and New Zealand are undeniably fantastic locales to explore through a Tauck land tour. Whether you want to see the enormous Uluru, snorkel in the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef, or traverse the cosmopolitan cities such as Wellington or Sydney, Australia and New Zealand will almost always imprint lasting memories. Start organising your next dream holiday with a Tauck tour in Australia and New Zealand now.

Latin America

With rich cultural traditions that span centuries and jaw-dropping natural wonders that can leave travellers speechless, South America is sure to delight all who come during their Tauck land tour. Guests have a wide spectrum of locales, activities, and events they can join in or go to during their adventure. From dancing the night away with samba or the tango in Brazil, hiking to the magnificent heritage site of Machu Picchu, to adventuring through delights of Chile and Argentina, Latin America is not to be missed.


Tauck Land Tours Offers

One bonus hotel night*

Tauck - Exclusive Hotel Bonus

For a limited time and exclusive to Discerning Traveller, book a Tauck itinerary and enjoy one bonus hotel night*.

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On-tour air & UNESCO sites included*

Tauck - Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand

Enjoy 16 days exploring the best of Southeast Asia on a Tauck guided tour. Includes handpicked accommodations, meals, guided tours and more*.

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