Southern Crossings?

For the adventurers who seek the indescribable, we strongly recommend Southern Crossings. Providing explorers with unparalleled personalisation, guests on a Southern Crossings tour will be captivated by the enthralling experiences in store with every itinerary. Discover the enchanting landscapes and vivacious wildlife of Australia’s Outback. Unearth long lasting memories as you traverse through the awe-inspiring backdrops of New Zealand. Hop from one tropical paradise to the next as you sail through the heavenly islands of the South Pacific. Southern Crossings works endlessly to craft an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

With more than three decades of experience, Southern Crossings has been creating immensely personalised experiences tailor made to suit your preferences and desires. Whether you prefer to explore a destination at a slower pace or seek a more hands-on adventure, Southern Crossings will find something just right for you. Furthermore, those who wish for an experience that goes beyond the beaten path, Southern Crossings will more than happily accommodate. No requirement, preference, or request is beyond their reach.

Southern Crossings is well versed in taking care of the ‘who’s-who’ of the world where privacy is of top priority. As such, Southern Crossings can meticulously design an itinerary for you that ensures you remain relaxed in a locale where the world cannot find you. Moreover, through exclusive relationships Southern Crossings has access to beautiful island getaways, privately-owned wilderness escapes, and experiences that bring unmatched immersion with the locals. Bringing you unfettered excellence, contact Discerning Traveller and start planning your Southern Crossings adventure today.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 1986
Destinations: Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific
Group Size: 1+

Is Southern Crossings right for you?

Southern Crossings is an excellent choice for those who desire a highly personalised and luxurious travel experience. Whether you want a secluded getaway from the bustle of reality or are in need for an intensive expedition to untouched locales, Southern Crossings can create an itinerary that perfectly suits you. Through their decades of experience, Southern Crossings have formed long-standing relationships that can provide guests with access to any type of experience that means a real holiday to you. Whether you want a self-driven excursion into the depths or nature or a multi-city adventure throughout Australia, the choice is yours whenever you travel with Southern Crossings.

Guests of Southern Crossings regularly highlight their world-class service as they craft your dream itinerary. With their impressive knowledge about Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, guests can rest easy knowing Southern Crossings will be able to create a holiday that constantly amazes and surprises. Revel in absolute luxury as you gain access to extravagant accommodation at world-class resorts, dining at tantalising restaurants, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you will remember for years to come.

What comes with your Southern Crossings itinerary?

An extremely customisable itinerary personalised to your liking, any requests regarding travel can be accommodated for. Generally, however, here is what usually comes with your Southern Crossings tour:

  • Accommodation at top-notch hotels and resorts across Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific
  • Delectable dining at renowned restaurants
  • Unforgettable experiences and activities throughout your entire journey

Why choose Southern Crossings?

  • Enjoy exclusive experiences which allow for unequalled immersion into a destination
  • Revel in the best accommodation options available throughout your itinerary
  • Savour in the impeccable service provided by Southern Crossings as they understand your preferences and build a tailor-made holiday

Our Recommendation

Discover Australia from Capital to Coast

Enjoy the wonders of Australia from Canberra to Jervis Bay as you book into this unforgettable self driven experience. Staying at superb accommodations such as QT Canberra and the Coast Resort Merimbula, this six night journey is one that cannot be missed. From enjoying an all-access behind-the-scenes tour of the Australian War Memorial, kayaking and hiking through pristine waterways, to boarding a magnificent dolphin watching crew, this itinerary is a terrific way to experience Australia.

Enquire with us today to learn more about this itinerary with Discerning Traveller.

Taste the Difference of Tasmanian Wines

Get off the beaten track in Tasmania and relish in a refreshing new way of exploring this sublime state. Relax in luxurious resorts such as Stillwater Seven and Kittawa Lodge as you spend your days going on exceptional tours. Ranging from a phenomenal private King island tour and farm visit to a full day privately hosted foodie tour of Launceston and Tamar Valley, Southern Crossings will keep you captivated for the entire journey.

Enquire here to find out how you can book into this Southern Crossings itinerary.

Destinations with Southern Crossings


Bringing in decades of travel experience in Australia, Southern Crossings knows this brilliant country like the back of their hands. Enrich yourself in the Indigenous culture over the starry night sky through powerful local immersions. Gaze upon astonishing landmarks from Uluru to the Sydney Harbour Bridge as you embark on exclusive tours of the region. All the while revelling in the unending luxury provided to you by illustrious hotels and eco-resorts. Australia is a stunning country and there is no better way to explore it than through Southern Crossings.

New Zealand

Whether you want to explore New Zealand at your own pace or uncover every hidden secret and treasure, Southern Crossings can more than accommodate. Utilising their impressive connections gained through decades of hard work, guests with Southern Crossing can enjoy breathtaking vistas and authentic local experiences you’ll be recommending your friends for years to come. Start planning your next adventure with a tailor made experience through Southern Crossings today.

South Pacific

Relax under the palm fronds while you enjoy the lapping waves of immaculate sandy beaches. Dive into pristine waters as you snorkel past colorful and vibrant aquatic wildlife. Connect with the local culture as you take part in enthralling centuries-long traditions. The South Pacific is your gateway to tranquility, and there is no better way to experience than through Southern Crossings. Contact Discerning Traveller today to learn more about South Pacific tailor made itineraries with Southern Crossings.


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