Scenic Tours?

Delivering phenomenal adventures and extraordinary experiences to explorers across the globe, Scenic are an incredible choice for those planning their next holiday with luxury in mind. With more than 30 years of experience creating memorable journeys in over 60 countries, Scenic have set the gold standard in five-star luxury travel. Whether you are seeking culture-rich excursions to enchanting destinations, decadent accommodation at world-class hotels, or experienced guides with expert knowledge about every locale, Scenic provides everything you need - and a little bit more.

Scenic offers an expansive level of freedom on every one of their expeditions. Whatever tempo you desire, topics of interest you prefer, or places you want to visit, Scenic offers you a wealth of options to choose from on every adventure. Plus, your experienced Tour Directors through their extensive local knowledge will provide essential tips and tricks that will elevate your experience of an area greatly.

From exploring the great savannahs of Africa, walking along the cobblestone streets of Europe, or gazing upon the stunning temples in Japan, Scenic will keep you captivated for your entire trip. A proudly Australian business working tirelessly to continuously bring you the best, make your next timeless memory on a Scenic holiday today.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 1986
Destination: 6 Continents
Group Size: 24+

Is Scenic right for you?

Scenic is a wonderful choice for experienced travellers searching for an enhanced and luxurious journey unlike anything else typically found on the market. Through their decades of experience whisking away explorers on fantastic holidays across the world, Scenic have become one of the prominent and premier travel companies in Australia and worldwide. With an array of friendly Tour Directors helming an ever-expanding library of trips, each with years of essential knowledge about their chosen locale, you will be hard-pressed to find a better choice for your next holiday.

Guests on Scenic also highlight the level of freedom afforded to every person on their holiday. You are never forced to do any activity you dislike and can instead take as much time as you desire to truly explore a locale. Moreover, every aspect of your trip can and will be catered for. From dietary requirements, special needs in relation to health, to general requests, a helpful Scenic Tour Director will gladly help you in any way possible to alleviate these issues.

What comes complimentary with Scenic?

While every itinerary may have different complementary features, here is what is included across all destinations:

  • Scenic Freechoice: Choose from a vast library of activities and sightseeing experiences - all of which are included.
  • Scenic Enrich: Enhanced experiences that are often the highlights of most travellers - all of which are also included.
  • Airport Transfers, local transport.
  • All tips and gratuities
  • Accommodation at luxurious top hotels
  • All dining options when available
  • Luxury cruising and rail when available

Why choose a Scenic itinerary?

  • Enjoy unique and memorable moments through an incredible selection of activities, events, and cultural highlights
  • Revel in true all-inclusivity with every booking having everything included and no hidden extra fees.
  • Experience quality in every location you visit with Scenics’ handpicked itineraries and outstanding Tour Director

Our Recommendation

Discover the wonders of Canada!

An immensely popular choice for those looking to explore North America, the ‘Magnificent Canadian Rockies & Rail’ tour offers you a chance to visit the picturesque delights of Canada. Go sightseeing in the breathtaking Banff National Park. Be amazed as astronomers at the Jasper Planetarium take you on the Dark Sky Experience. Soar above the Rockies through an awe-inspiring helicopter flight. The choices are at your fingertips with this exceptional tour.

Enquire with us today to learn more about this memorable trip.

Visit the spectacular Kimberley region

Looking to travel through the striking natural beauty of Australia’s northern region? The ‘Top End & Kimberley Spectacular’ Scenic tour is perfect for you. From the remarkable seemingly endless untouched land of Kakadu National park, the gorgeous waters of Katherine Gorge, to beautiful wildlife found in the Fitzroy River, this tour will keep you captivated for the entire journey.

Enquire here to learn more about ‘Top End & Kimberley Spectacular’ tours

Destinations with Scenic


From the beautiful Northern Lights down the vibrant cities in Spain, Scenic have an abundance of tours across the entire region. Bursting at the seams with exciting cultures, centuries of storied history, and unforgettable memories, a trip with Scenic is one that cannot be missed.


Enjoying a safari across the endless plains of the Savannah has never been easier than with a Scenic. With an amazing Tour Director by your side, discover the beauty of Africa as you encounter jaw-dropping natural landmarks and experience monumental moments while observing the local wildlife. With first-class service and unrivalled privacy, you will never go wrong with a Scenic holiday in Africa.

Canada & Alaska

Rekindle your desire for adventure with Scenic, on a tour through Canada and Alaska. Whether you want to gaze upon the immense icebergs in Alaska, hike through the dense forests near the Rockies, or encounter the stunning animals alongside an experienced guide, Scenic will have something just for you.


From its centuries of riveting history as Samurai to its endless innovations in technology during modern-day, Japan has never been more of a top destination to visit than today. Packed with an extensive selection of iconic landmarks, bright lights, and tranquil temples, Scenic itineraries are filled with a litany of undeniable highlights. Experience a unique yet inviting culture by booking a Japan Scenic itinerary today.


Dive into eons of astonishing history and culture by booking a world-class and luxurious Scenic experience in Egypt. With a selection of hand-picked and meticulously thought after itineraries, Scenic will take you on a special journey through the ancient lands of legendary kings and queens of years past. Moreover, with tours usually having no more than 36 guests, you will have a noticeably more intimate travel experience as you gain a deeper understanding of a location like never before.


Looking for a country with an incredibly fascinating culture and brimming with an array of exciting activities? The United States of America might be the place to visit next. From the lively streets of the jazz-influenced New Orleans, the excellent history to find at Washington D.C., to the sun-kissed coastline of Los Angeles, USA has so much to offer and then some more for those looking to visit.


From its gorgeous natural sights, the sublime historical landmarks, and astounding modern cities, Scenic itineraries through China have never been more exceptional than now. With Scenic’s extensive range of activities to choose from on every tour and a Tour Director giving all the tips you need, your holiday in China will be everything you ever wanted.

South America

Scenic itineraries in South America promises to impress every traveller on every visit. With a vibrant culture packed with friendly locals, tantalising regional cuisine, and marvellous landmarks, it is easy to see why Scenic is one of the top choices when it comes to traversing through the exhilarating lands of South America.


Whether you want to hike through the gorgeous wilderness of Tasmania, visit the outstanding Uluru in the Outback, or check out all the essential landmarks in Sydney, Scenic will have an itinerary perfect for you. Offering mesmerising cuisine, elegant accommodation, and unparalleled service, booking a Scenic tour in Australia has never been an easier choice!


Boasting grand cities, inspiring landmarks, and impressive castles, Britain will instantly enchant every traveller upon arrival. Featuring a library of top-notch itineraries with world-class and knowledgeable local guides, Scenic is packed with constant highlights. Start your next adventure with Scenic today.


There is next to nothing that can surpass the deeply enthralling culture that is incredible India - and this can only be further enhanced through Scenic. With unique and enriching handpicked itineraries, Scenic has worked vigorously to provide journeys that guests will remember for the rest of their lifetime.


Scenic Tours Offers

Meals, activities and more*

New Zealand Panorama

Explore the beauty of New Zealand in luxury with a Scenic guided tour. Includes select meals, expert guide, transport and more*.

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Accom, meals, guide & more*

Historic Norfolk Island

Be fascinated by the rich history of Norfolk Island on this guided tour. Includes accom. select meals, guide and more*.

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