Maria Island Walk?

Located just off the east coast of Tasmania, the Maria Island Walk is a guided tour that promises memories that will last a lifetime. With an exceptional guide accompanying you on every step of the journey, guests will explore all the sweeping landscapes, unique wildlife, and breathtaking views Maria Island has to offer. This four day journey will have you discovering centuries of Australian history and the island's world-rated fossil beds, both of which meticulously explained by your helpful guides.

The Maria Island Walk always has your comfort in mind, providing guests two remarkable camps nestled away in the stunning forest between astonishing beaches and inspiring scenery. These camps are not only wonderfully designed but environmentally sensitive ensuring that every patron staying at the camps can rest easy knowing they leave little to no impact on the local ecosystem. Patrons of the Maria Island Walk will also enjoy refined comfort, with essential amenities such as hot showers, pleasant beds, and gourmet cuisine all on offer.

Every walk along the gorgeous island is typically on well-formed tracks at a leisurely pace, allowing for guests to soak in each astounding view and never feel tired. While most of the journey is at sea level, those who do desire something more adventurous can optionally take a walk that climbs two phenomenal mountain peaks. Experience one of the great walks. Book into the Maria Island Walk with Discerning Traveller today.

Facts & Figures

Duration: 3-4 Days
Location: Maria Island, Tasmania
Group Size: 8-10

Is Maria Island Walk right for you?

Nature-enthusiasts and those who seek the comfort of bushland will undoubtedly enjoy the Maria Island Walk. You will often encounter the unique and uncommon Australian wildlife like Tasmanian Devils, Wombats, and Wallabies that roam the island. All of this while revelling in the magnificent landscapes afforded to you throughout your entire adventure.

Travellers who prefer slower tempo exploration will highly enjoy the four day tour through this Australian gem. With walks on average totalling around 10.5kms per day but done so at a relaxing pace of 2km/h, guests can truly appreciate every portion of the island. In addition, guests will usually only have to carry light-packs for the entirety of their guided walk, but during certain segments of the tour patrons have the option to walk pack-free.

Guests also regularly highlight the incredibly helpful and friendly guides that journey with every group, often spotlighting their insightful, knowledgeable, and caring nature. Moreover, many visitors applaud the dedication by Maria Island Walk to being eco-friendly, and this can be directly seen through their two low-impact camps.

What comes complimentary at Maria Island Walk?

The four-day walk includes the following:

  • An experienced tour guide
  • Incredible food and wine experiences on every departure
  • All meals and drinks for the duration of the walk. This specifically includes:
    • Three breakfasts
    • Four lunches
    • Three dinners
  • Accommodation at two eco-friendly camps

Why go to Maria Island Walk?

  • Gaze upon breathtaking views and get up close to incredible Australian wildlife on this tranquil paradise
  • Enjoy top-notch eco-friendly accommodation alongside delectable restaurant-level cuisine for every meal
  • Saunter through stunning scenery while being escorted by expert guides with immense knowledge of the land

Our Recommendation

Try out the remarkable Winter Escape!

While shorter in length (only three days instead of four), the Winter Escape can certainly pack a punch. Experience Maria Island from a brand new perspective and in near serenity as there is little to no other people on the island with you. Enjoy the locations innate beauty, history, and even more lively wildlife as you journey along in an intimate group of eight. Those worried about the cold can rest easy as guests will be placed in the warm and inviting Bernacchi House where you can enjoy a delightful candlelit dinner.

Enquire with us today to learn more about the Winter Escape!

Climb the breathtaking Mt Maria

Adventurers looking for a more challenging hike can choose to on the third day of walking choose to climb the peaks of Mt Maria or Bishop and Clerk. It can be a daunting 700 metres, but the rewards are undeniably worth the climb. What you are met with is a simply unforgettable panoramic view of Maria Island - and a memory that you will tell your friends for years to come.

Enquire here to find out about how you can do the additional mountain walk.

What are the accommodation options at Maria Island Walk?

After walking long distances across the charming island, visiting captivating historical sites and delightful landmarks, guests are welcomed to top-notch lodgings every night. These humble abodes, surrounded by beautiful bushland and gorgeous views, serve as the perfect place to unwind and prepare for the next adventure. Plus, with delectable cuisine for every meal, your four days at Maria Island promise to be special.

Wilderness Glamping

Inspired by accommodations provided by world-class African safari camps, Maria Island Walk offers two Wilderness Glamping sites that guests will stay in during their hike. Hidden away in the dense Australian forest, these two sites serve as an excellent escape from the hustle and bustle of normal life. These tents have additionally been meticulously crafted to minimise its environmental footprint illustrated through its fantastic bush showers and clean composting toilets. 

Bernacchi House

Escape the winter cold or summer heat by popping into the exceptional Bernacchi House. A superb building thoughtfully designed with sublime furniture, this heritage-listed house will immediately transport you directly to 1880. Arranged with all the essentials such as hot showers, an impressive dining area, and a much needed fireplace, guests get to enjoy a well-earned nights rest before their next jaunt through Maria Island.

What dining options are available at Maria Island Walk?

Maria Island Walk strives to consistently provide guests with a tantalising selection of restaurant-quality dishes using fresh ingredients throughout the entirety of the trip. As such, visitors who embark on the four-day walk will often call attention to the exquisite food as one of the highlights. After every exhilarating day of walking, guests are treated to an appetising candlelit three-course gourmet meal whilst under the stars.

Pairing your food with an exceptional drink is of the utmost importance for Maria Island Walk, and they have worked hard to source a variety of sumptuous wines from family-owned Tasmanian vineyards such as Cape Bernier and Bream Creek. Sourcing local extends beyond wine, as a large proportion of produce is also brought in from Australian and New Zealand suppliers such as Spring Bay Seafoods and King Island Dairy. With a clear dedication to quality, it is no wonder why guests remark that the dining experience alone is worth the price of admission.

Is there a dress code for Maria Island Walk?

The Maria Island Walk is an active experience, so walking attire and comfortable shoes are required during the day. In the evenings, when you dine with your fellow travellers and new-found acquaintances, relax in smart-casual attire. During the winter months, we also recommend bringing along additional outerwear that can help keep you warm during walks such as puffer jackets and thermals as temperatures during the morning and evening can be cold.


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