Fittingly translated as the ‘Haven of Life’, Chiva-Som is committed to providing guests with a tranquil environment to positively transform their well-being. A gorgeously designed luxury health resort, Chiva-Som strongly believes in their philosophy of taking care of all facets of your health - Mind, Body, and Spirit - and this is illustrated through their exceptional resorts and outstanding initiatives.

With expertly trained staff who attentively work with each guest one-on-one, Chiva-Som ensures every visitor has an accurate plan that can leave a lasting impact on their health and well-being. In addition, the staff-to-guest ratio is at a remarkable three-to-one, further demonstrating Chiva-Som’s passion towards not only the guest experience, but their main purpose in improving a person’s wellness. Located in Hua Hin Thailand, Chiva-Som is one of the best health resorts and luxury wellness retreats in Asia.

Each bespoke programme is designed to enhance or improve a specific area of a guest’s mind, body, or spirit. This can range from improving someone’s nutrition, providing techniques to enhance fitness levels, or spa treatments to help relieve stress and general emotional wellness. Perfect for any individual seeking to elevate their health, find out why guests regularly return multiple times a year by booking in a stay at the Chiva-Som luxury health resort today!

Facts & Figures

Founded: 1995
Location: Hua Hin, Thailand
Rooms: 54

Is Chiva-Som right for you?

Chiva-Som is best for travellers who wish to identify useful strategies and impactful techniques to improve their health in the short and long term. Expertly-trained health consultants passionately work with every visitor to ensure they get the most out of each visit. Further, due to their three-to-one staff-to-guest ratio, guests are regularly cared for throughout their wellness retreat. As a result, Chiva-Som has built a loyal group of guests that frequently return due to the immensely personalised service and wonderfully effective luxury health retreats.

Visitors at Chiva-Som also thoroughly enjoy the tranquil environment of the elegant resort. With plenty of comfortable treatment rooms and multiple relaxation areas to unwind, guests never feel crowded within the resort, which gives them ample opportunity to de-stress in their own personal space. Furthermore, the resort is located near Hua Hin amongst seven acres of tropical gardens, away from the blasting music or blinding lights you might often find in a bustling city or tourist hotspot. Instead, you are left undisturbed and in complete serenity with the sounds of nature taking hold.

What makes Chiva-Som stand out is its strict prohibition of electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops outside of a guest's room. This ensures that patrons in the luxury health resort are never distracted by the stresses from the outside world and instead focus on one thing: themselves.

What comes complimentary with Chiva-Som?

Across all retreats regardless of focus for the programme, Chiva-Som visitors have access to a number of useful services and amenities. This includes:

  • A personal Health and Wellness consultation by a expertly trained professional
  • Three meals per night of stay, including dinner on first day of arrival
  • Access to daily fitness and leisure activities
  • Unlimited access to the Water Therapy Suites
  • Unlimited access to the gymnasium
  • One restorative treatment per night of stay
  • Physical analysis (optional)
  • Skin consultation (optional)

Additional treatments, activities and services are dependent on the style of retreat a guest is booked for.

Why go to Chiva-Som?

  • To enhance your health and well-being through the learning of beneficial strategies and valuable techniques
  • Enjoy noticeably personalised, health-focused service from attentive and caring staff
  • Take advantage of an abundance of restorative treatments, outstanding facilities, and optional health consultations focused on improving your wellness

Our Recommendation

Discover the benefits of wellness with ‘A Taste of Chiva-Som’

Perfect for first-time guests and curious patrons, A Taste of Chiva-Som is a remarkable retreat that allows visitors to unearth the essence of Chiva-Som and all the perks that can come from their health resort. With a Health and Wellness Advisor that guides you through every step of the journey, Chiva-Som guests will reconnect with themselves through relaxing spa treatments, mobilising physio classes, and strengthening fitness programs.

Enquire with us to learn more about the transformative ‘A Taste of Chiva-Som’.

Fly in a day early and spend the night in Bangkok!

For those flying into Thailand internationally, we highly recommend arriving a day early and spending a night in Bangkok. Heading down to Chiva-Som is approximately 3.5 hours, and while the luxury health resort provides a complimentary airport transfer straight to the resort with free Wi-Fi and snacks, traffic might mean you arrive later than planned. Flying in early saves you the worry about arriving in the dark of night and affords you the chance at some extra time exploring the wondrous country of Thailand before enjoying a phenomenal health and wellness retreat!

Be honest with your assigned health consultant

Soon after your arrival at Chiva-Som, you will be promptly visited by a professional health consultant who will work with you to discover how best to improve your health and well-being. For the most optimal and impactful stay with Chiva-Som, honesty is the best policy. From lingering pain from an injury, stressful work events, or eating habits, all information is important for your consultant, so don’t hold back!

What are the accommodation options on Chiva-Som?

Accommodation at Chiva-Som is split into classic rooms or suites, with each timber-based lodging being great for any type of guest. Additionally, for those seeking a room that immerses guests in the natural beauty of Chiva-Som, there are also a limited number of Thai Pavilions and Thai Pavilion Suites. These Thai-inspired rooms are noted for bringing in an extra level of tranquillity and peace due to the natural garden surroundings and expansive space afforded to guests. For a culturally traditional experience, these rooms are for you!

Classic Rooms

Chiva-Som has a set of stunning classic rooms purposefully designed to de-stress and relax all visitors who stay in them. Guests are often welcomed to the dazzling ocean views and the sounds of crashing waves as they lounge from their own private terrace. The Anchan Room is a particular highlight, with an extended outdoor terrace and peaceful décor. Visitors in this lodging are also provided butler service, ensuring that they will never have to lift a finger.


Visitors wanting a truly luxurious experience can book into one of the beautifully designed suites. With an extended terrace looking over the idyllic Thai coastline and an attentive butler service dedicated to making your experience stress-free, visitors will be simply astounded by the luxury afforded to them.

The executive level visitor can book into the Leelawadee Suite guaranteed to exceed your expectations for luxury and serenity. By far the most expansive suite in Chiva-Som, this exclusive suite comes fitted with a separate kitchen and dining room, private garden, and a Jacuzzi. Booking into this homely suite ensures your stay is unforgettable.


Chiva-Som Offers

Receive bonus nights if you book now*

Zulal Wellness Plus Offer

Book before 31 December and enjoy bonus nights at Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som. Book now before you miss out*

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Upgrade, Wi-Fi, Deep Tissue Massage, & more*

Taste of Chiva-Som

Reconnect with your inner-self at Chiva-Som. Enjoy a complimentary upgrade on arrival, one additional deep tissue massage, WiFi, and more*.

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