APT Tours?

Pioneers in crafting riveting luxury adventures, APT tours are dedicated in providing the best product available no matter the destination. Whether you are searching for an incredible Safari in the African Savannah, a relaxing jaunt through the gorgeous backdrop of Canada, or a nature-focused journey through Australia’s backyard, APT have you covered. Starting in the early 1920’s providing faster bus options for commuters in Melbourne before transforming into an award-winning travel company in 1967, APT have almost a century of experience in providing explorers with top-notch service and unending luxury.

APT has a host of experienced and devoted tour directors who are with you for the entire journey. These world-class APT tour directors regularly share their wealth of knowledge about the region you are visiting whilst ensuring that you remain comfortable and feel safe for the entire trip. Not only that, APT works hard to ensure that their local guides, drivers, and other staff maintain a high level of quality many travellers come to expect.

Land journeys with APT are also heavily catered toward your travel preferences and desires. Wherever you decide to adventure, APT will manage every detail to ensure that you are free to do as much as little as you like. With their remarkable itineraries, outstanding service, and unparalleled luxury, APT aspires to create extraordinary moments that can only be achieved through travel. Book your next APT tour with Discerning Traveller today.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 1967
Destinations: 5 Continents
Group Size: 10+

Is APT right for you?

APT is a splendid choice for travellers who seek an elevated level of luxury and appreciate having this bolstered by outstanding service before, during, and even after their holiday. Boasting exceedingly helpful tour directors who aim to ensure all your needs and requirements are met, APT will keep you more than satisfied. Moreover, with their expert knowledge of the region, these tour directors will almost always give you the best advice at truly experiencing each locale.

When you book an APT itinerary, guests are often provided with popular luxury hotels and resorts in addition to delicious regional cuisine throughout the entire trip. A holiday with APT is also highly personalised, with guests often being able to choose on a daily basis how intensive or explorative every leg of the journey is going to be. This allows for guests with APT to rarely feel restricted to one activity they might not want and giving them immense freedom to explore as they please. This extends beyond tour activities, with dining also offering various options designed to tantalise the palates of even more guests.

What comes complimentary with an APT Tour?

While every itinerary may have different complementary features, here is what is included across all destinations:

  • Tipping, gratuities, and other extra fees are all included
  • All dining options
  • Accommodation at popular hotels and resorts
  • Free WiFi when available
  • All activities including APT’s Signature Experiences

Why choose an APT itinerary?

  • Enjoy world-class service throughout the entirety of your APT holiday
  • Relax in elegant luxury with accommodation at world-class hotels and resorts across the globe
  • Experience amazing tour activities at your own preferred pace accompanied by helpful local guides and a helpful tour director

Our Recommendation

Experience New Zealand the right way

Explore the enchanting and undoubtedly gorgeous horizons of our neighbour with APT’s ‘Royal Tourer’ or ‘New Zealand Wonderland’. This terrific 17 or 18-day journey will have you start from Auckland and adventure down to Wellington, stopping by an endless list of jaw-dropping delights along the way. Whether you want to gaze upon the awe-inspiring views along the Fjordlands, discover the captivating Bay of Islands, or simply want to learn more about New Zealand’s amazing culture, this APT tour is for you.

Enquire here to learn more about these New Zealand tours today.

Discover the wonders of the Balkan Peninsula

With unforgettable experiences on offer in 29 destinations, the ‘Croatia and Balkan Peninsula with Magnificent Europe’ tour is one that cannot be missed. This excellent 26-day journey will allow you to discover the beauty and splendor of Europe. Offering 61 mouth-watering dishes of luxury dining, APT have gone out of their way to ensure that every guest will feel satisfied throughout their entire trip. Plus, with a selection of APT’s Signature Experiences on offer at various locations, this fast-selling tour serves as an essential way of travelling Europe.

Enquire with us today to learn more about this itinerary.

Destinations with APT Tours


Featuring luxurious accommodation throughout your entire stay, discover the wonders of Africa without having to give up any of the comforts you have at home. APT tours in Africa allow you to truly explore the gorgeous region, with stimulating activities that let you see the beautiful wildlife, view the endless nature, and learn more about their thrilling culture. Plus, with smaller groups, guests are opened up to deeper and much more enriching discovery.


Through impeccable APT tours, guests will quickly discover that Canada is more than just its famed Niagara Falls. From towering icebergs, sumptuous seafood dishes, and snow-capped mountain ranges, Canada is an unabashed delight for the senses. With an APT tour, guests can explore the North American region whilst relaxing at luxurious resorts packed with all the amenities you can possibly need - and a little more.


Europe boasts centuries of history, culture, and natural delights that are simply asking to be explored. With an APT tour, guests can adventure the region accompanied by a superb tour director who aims to ensure everyone is satisfied for their entire holiday. Whether you try out the tantalising Mediterranean cuisine in Spain, see the Northern Lights in Scandinavia, or roam the bustling streets of London, APT will have an itinerary perfect for you. 

New Zealand

A beautiful country that demands your attention, New Zealand tours with APT are some of the most popular itineraries for many avid explorers. From the iconic views at Milford Sound, the enchanting Bay of Islands, to their lively cities such as Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand promises to excite every traveller who decides to visit their country. Moreover, with an immense array of itineraries on offer by APT, you will be hard-pressed to find a better tour by other competitors.

South America

Explore the sublime region of South America in luxury through an escorted land journey by APT. Offering a vast library of itineraries, APT will quickly have you planning you and your friends planning your next adventure. Whether you want to tour through the continent via rail, coach, or cruise, APT will have an itinerary that best suits your needs and your schedule. 


Immerse yourself in the incredible Australian island of Tasmania with a magnificent tour by APT. Learn about the centuries of convict history at its various historical sites and museums. Experience the breathtaking natural landscapes such as its lush natural forests. Gaze upon the pinnacle of beauty by visiting Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake with a local guide. Plus, with accommodation at luxury resorts and hotels, an APT tour might be the best choice for your next holiday.


Offering a variety of itineraries in the United States of America, APT tours can take the stress out of booking a luxurious holiday for you and your friends. From extravagant accommodation options, delicious local cuisine at a selection of impressive venues, and activities that encourage plenty of exploration, APT have created a tour that promises to delight and captivate. Book an APT tour with Discerning Traveller today!


APT Tours Offers

Meals, Accom, transport and more*

New Zealand Wonderland

The ultimate New Zealand exploration. Enjoy a North and South Island immersion over 17 days incl. accom., select meals, transport & more*

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Meals, discounts and more*

APT - Iconic Kimberley

Experience Australia's iconic Kimberley region on a guided APT tour. Includes accommodation, transport, activities & more*

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