APT River Cruises?

Maestros at crafting exciting, enthralling, and enriching adventures, APT river cruises are the ultimate holiday experience for any explorer. Uncover the wonders of magnificent hidden harbours, awe-inspiring horizons, and vibrant market cities in decadent comfort and luxury. Whether you want to sail through the enchanting rivers of Europe, discover the tropical sensations of Asia, or the inspiring wilderness of Africa, APT will have the perfect itinerary for you.

Starting off in the 1920’s providing a faster bus option for workers in Melbourne before pivoting into an illustrious award-winning travel company, APT certainly knows how to ensure customers receive the best product available. More than just the destination, APT has worked tirelessly to create a journey that is as unforgettable as the locales you visit themselves. From their expert Cruise Directors, luxurious accommodations, and tantalising dining, APT ensures you are cared for the entire voyage,

Through their decades of experience, APT have been able to build long-lasting relationships with business and locals across the globe. Through this the family-owned business have access to a vast library of phenomenal onshore activities and tours, also known as ‘Signature Experiences’. These experiences are easily the highlights for many travellers, and help ensure APT stands out from the pack as one of the best in the travel industry. Find your next adventure with an APT river cruise through Discerning Traveller today.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 1967
Destinations: 4 Continents

Is APT right for you?

Focused on delivering high-quality itineraries regardless of the destination, APT is the perfect choice for those seeking enhanced luxury and comfort. From extravagant and commodious accommodation options on every ship, restaurant quality dishes prepared with fresh produce, to exciting onboard activities, APT river cruises has everything a traveller can wish for. Furthermore, with access to destinations across the globe, explorers will easily find a stunning itinerary they can book into that fits their preferences.

Speaking on preferences, APT pride themselves on providing guests with the option to adventure at their own pace. Whether they wish to have a hands-on jaunt through a locale or take their time looking into every nook and cranny, APT can more than accommodate. APT river cruises additionally feature in certain locales ‘Signature Experiences’, their exclusive range of once-in-a-lifetime moments that easily become the highlights of every guest's holiday.

What comes complimentary with APT River Cruises?

Here is what comes complimentary across all APT river cruises:

  • All tips, gratuities, and other extra fees all covered by APT
  • All dining options
  • Free WiFi when available
  • All activities including APT’s Signature Experiences
  • A selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Luxurious accommodation

Why choose APT River Cruises?

  • Enjoy unparalleled luxury on boutique ships as you sail through incredible waterways
  • Experience unforgettable moments through their selection of stimulating activities and enriching tours
  • Earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points whenever you book a river cruise with APT

Our Recommendation

Cruise through Magnificent Europe with APT

Sail from Amsterdam to Budapest (or vice versa) and make a number of stops at astonishing market cities and hidden harbours. Visit Vienna’s iconic City Palace in exclusive fashion with a cocktail party and a harmonious private classical concert. Hop on the magical Grand Empress steam train and travel by rail to the enchanting city of Budapest. An immensely popular itinerary and regularly sold out, experience Europe the right way by going on a river cruise with APT. 

Enquire here to discover how you can book into this excellent itinerary

Uncover the Hidden Treasures of the Baltics

With approximately 17 destinations planned for your entire journey, the ‘Baltic Treasures with Russian Waterways’ itinerary on offer by APT is a splendid choice for those looking to learn more about the region. Boasting a sublime mix of travel methods from cruise, coach, to rail, guests will be able to truly experience a locale without being restricted to one area. Walk through the glorious city of Moscow, attend a private ballet performance at St Petersburg, delight in culinary flavours with a famous food blogger in Riga. APT have spared no expense in crafting an itinerary that promises to amaze at every moment

Enquire with Discerning Traveller to learn more about this APT itinerary.

Is there a dress code for APT River Cruises?

River cruises with APT generally boast a more relaxed dress code, with attire usually being smart casual for the most of any sailing. There can be occasionally certain evenings where guests may dress up during the evenings in formal attire, but this is not a requirement and you will not find yourself having to pack for a black-tie event. Certain regions might have different climates than you are used to, so be sure to pack accordingly to where you travel on a river cruise with APT.

Destinations with APT River Cruises


Hop on an adventurous African river safari in unmatched luxury through the impressive offerings by APT. Bursting with iconic wildlife ranging from flocks of brightly coloured birds to fearsome beasts of the Savannah, river cruises in Africa are simply unequalled in astonishing moments. With APT, you can view these exotic animals in safety, all while having an experienced local guide or knowledgeable cruise director show you where to look.


Sail through the enchanting Yangtze river and experience the awe-inspiring landmarks that the Middle Kingdom possesses. Accompanied by an English-speaking APT tour director for the entirety of your journey, you can travel stress-free as any language barrier can be resolved with ease. Through these spectacular itineraries, you have the opportunity to further enrich your understanding of the excellence of China’s deep history while embarking on enthralling small group excursions.


From the phenomenal heritage sites of the pyramids to exploring the unforgettable Valley of the Kings, Egypt is a must-see destination for all who love adventure. With an APT river voyage, you can cruise along the Nile on some of the most luxurious ships on the waters. Boasting commodious lodgings for every guest and delectable dining for the entire journey, APT is your best choice when exploring Egypt and its inspiring history.


Whether you want to soak in the stunning views of the Danube River, discover the wonders of the Douro River, or bask in the picturesque vistas of the Seine River, APT will have a Europe itinerary perfectly suited to you. Packed to the brim with inviting cultures, tantalising regional cuisine, and majestic backdrops that you will remember for a lifetime, Europe is an area that demands multiple visits. With an ever-expanding array of dazzling Europe river cruises on offer, find a perfect APT itinerary for you with Discerning Traveller today.


Unearth the hidden treasures of Myanmar today with your close group of friends through an alluring APT river cruise. Through their decades of experience crafting impeccable itineraries for guests across the globe, APT has designed a selection of handpicked sailings that promise to excite. Offering endless adventure on world-class river ships that feature luxurious accommodations, now is the time to book your Myanmar river cruise with APT.


From their commanding and lavish palaces, inviting rural towns, and spectacular views, a Russia river cruise through APT will have all you need for an extraordinary holiday. Bringing culinary delights, memorable sightseeing adventures, and exclusive access to exceptional activities, every itinerary with APT promises to impress. Discover the brilliance of Russia by booking an APT river cruise.

Vietnam & Cambodia

Float along the Mekong River and explore the wondrous floating communities, stunning paddy fields, and exciting wildlife that awaits at every corner. Offering a wide selection of exquisite itineraries, each sailing provides you with the chance to discover Vietnam and Cambodia in a fresh and riveting perspective. Jam-packed with experiences you will remember for a lifetime combined with superb accommodations, book your next holiday with an APT river cruise through the Mekong River today.


APT River Cruises Offers


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