APT Cruises?

With decades of experience whisking travellers to locations across the globe, APT cruises have rapidly become one of the top choices for those desiring adventure on the sea. Gaze upon the impressive icebergs of Alaska’s Inside Passage. Sail through the breathtaking views of Milford Sound or the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. Be enchanted by the dramatic coastline of Japan and its exceptionally designed temples. APT cruises promise to take you to spectacular destinations all while onboard incredible ships and unparalleled luxury on the seas.

The journey is just as important as the destination for APT, and this is illustrated through their exceptional fleet of ships. No matter the destination, you will be treated to luxurious accommodation as well as access to all the essential amenities you need for the entire voyage. Moreover, with an outstanding cruise director accompanying you throughout the sailing, you can unwind knowing that your wants and desires will be answered with ease.

APT guests have the ability to explore every port of call with unparalleled freedom through the large variety of stimulating and exciting experiences on offer every day. Whether you wish to have an intensive adventure jam-packed with activities, or move at a slower pace allowing your group to truly explore a couple of locales, the choice is totally up to you. This is further elevated by APTs ‘Signature Experience’ - an essential activity available at certain destinations offering exclusive once-in-a-lifetime moments and unforgettable surprises. With so much in store on every voyage, now is the time to book an APT cruise with Discerning Traveller.

Facts & Figures

Founded: 1967
Destinations: 5 Continents

Is APT right for you?

An APT cruise is a great choice for those who desire a holiday with an enhanced level of luxury through elegant accommodation, tantalising dining, and world-class service. Voyages with APT focuses on ensuring passengers have a memorable experience starts from when you book to the moment you set foot back on home soil. This extends to their APT cruise directors, who work tirelessly for the entire journey to ensure every request you have is answered promptly. From dietary requirements, tips and tricks on local exploration, to helping you decide which onshore activity to choose, APT cruise directors have your best interests in mind at all times.

Speaking of onshore excursions, APT guests frequently remark on the high-quality activities that are on offer throughout their itinerary. In addition, guests appreciate the amount of freedom afforded to them once they dock into port, with a variety of activities that appeal to almost every style of travel. You can book an APT cruise knowing that you can adventure at your own schedule, allowing you to immerse into a culture how you please.

What comes complimentary with APT Cruises?

Here is what comes complimentary across all APT cruises:

  • Tipping, gratuities, port charges, and airport transfers all paid for
  • All dining options and meals
  • A selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages
  • Free WiFi
  • All activities including APT’s Signature Experiences
  • Luxurious accommodation

Why choose APT Cruises?

  • Unwind in decadent luxury with outstanding accommodation, dining, and essential onboard amenities
  • Experience the extraordinary through APTs library of exciting onshore activities including their ‘Signature Experiences’
  • Enjoy top-notch service provided by friendly crew and knowledgeable APT cruise directors

Our Recommendation

Be inspired with an amazing Antarctica voyage!

Boasting gorgeous landscapes, stunning wildlife, and plenty of lifelong memories, Antarctica constantly inspires all who visit. With APT’s ‘Antarctic Voyage’, journey down to the South Pole and experience these breathtaking moments for yourself. Explore the wonders of South America, encounter astonishing penguins and seals, sail on a Zodiac past spectacular icebergs, all this and more are on offer with this exceptional cruise. Plus, with tantalising dining, extravagant accommodations, and a variety of onboard activities to do as you sail down, it is easy to see why this itinerary is regularly booked out!

Enquire here to learn more about this incredible ‘Antarctic Voyage’ today.

Sail to colossal wonders with an Alaska cruise

Looking to explore the wondrous icebergs of Alaska? APTs ‘Rockies Odyssey and Alaska Cruise’ might just be right for you. This remarkable 22-day adventure will have you first traversing through the beautiful snow-capped mountains of the Rockies in Canada. Afterwards, board a fantastic Holland America ship as you sail through the awe-inspiring Inside Passage, coming close to immense icebergs and stunning fauna.

Enquire here to find out more on the ‘Rockies Odyssey and Alaska Cruise’.

Is there a dress code for APT Cruises?

Typically on APT cruises, smart casual is the acceptable dress code throughout the entirety of your voyage. However, certain dining venues or events onboard the ship may require you to wear certain attire. Formal nights will require guests to wear either a jacket and tie for men or an evening gown for women. Additionally, certain cultures may require you to wear appropriate attire for the region such as a head dress for women.

Destinations with APT Cruises

Alaska’s Inside Passage

Encounter the incredible sights and sounds in Alaska’s Inside Passage through an APT voyage. With unmatched luxury and dining throughout your entire journey, guests with APT will be able to enjoy Alaska in unprecedented comfort. Whether you want to gaze upon the towering icebergs, learn more about the centuries of history about the region, or see the beautiful wildlife, an APT cruise will have an itinerary that suits you!

South America & Antarctica

Bursting at the seams with gorgeous animals, sweeping landscapes destined to take your breath away, and a culture that demands your exploration, a South America cruise with APT cruise may just be for you. Explore with an expedition cruise through the idyllic paradise known as the Galapagos Islands, walk through the magnificent Amazon Rainforest, visit iconic heritage sites such as Machu Picchu. APT cruises in South America might be your next destination on your upcoming holiday!

Want to elevate your holiday to a new level? With APT you can book a South America itinerary which includes adventuring through the marvellous coastlines of Antarctica. Come across massive colonies of penguins or sea birds then spend some time darting through immense icebergs, all in the comfort of a Zodiac. Through APT, Antarctica can be right at your doorstep in only a couple of days.


The land of the rising sun is a country that simply needs to be discovered - and what better way than through an APT cruise. Saunter through centuries of history at the various temples and castles scattered throughout the country. Reach unprecedented speeds by boarding a lightning-fast bullet train. Savor in delicious umami flavour by trying out the tantalising local cuisine. With a unique culture that mesmerises many, mark out your calendar and book a Japan cruise with APT today.

New England

From the iconic Niagara Falls, the hustle and bustle of New York City, to the enthralling history to be found in Washington DC and Boston, New England offers you with a lifetime's worth of adventure every time you visit. With an APT voyage, experience this intriguing region of the USA with lavish luxury and all the amenities to make you feel right at home. Plus, with APTs ‘Signature Experiences’, you can encounter once-in-a-lifetime moments that promise to give you a deeper understanding of New England.

New Zealand

Reawaken your sense of adventure by booking an enchanting New Zealand APT cruise. Weave through the stunning Bay of Islands with a helpful local guide. Experience the immensely inspiring natural wonder of Milford Sound. Immerse yourself into the unique and friendly culture of New Zealand. With a bountiful selection of onshore activities available with every voyage, New Zealand cruises with APT promise excellence at every moment.


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