Why Cruises are Still a Great Holiday Choice Post Covid-19

Published on: October 15, 2020
As cruise lines embark on adjusting to a new normal, the face of cruising may be different – but it could still be the best holiday choice you make in the post-pandemic world.

The impact of Covid-19 on the travel industry has been devastating with border closures, cruise disruptions, airline shutdowns, and so much more. The reality is that things remain uncertain, but we are finding new ways to deal with it. As cruise lines embark on adjusting to a new normal, the face of cruising may be different – but it could still be the best holiday choice you make in the post-pandemic world.

Greater Flexibility Than Ever Before

Most cruise lines have gone above and beyond to offer significant incentives, full refunds and flexible booking cancellations. Greater flexibility in future cruise credits for cancellations even up to the day of departure has become the new norm, so bookings are better protected and travellers have more peace of mind than ever before.

Some cruise lines are even offering enhanced value options like 125% cruise credit, increased on-board credit, complimentary drinks and Wi-Fi packages and so much more. This is a welcome change, making it easier for you to commit to a cruise holiday knowing you will not lose out in case of a cancellation.

Improved Health and Hygiene Standards

Health and hygiene will be given a considerable boost once cruising becomes a reality again. Strict medical protocols, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures, more hand sanitising stations, better monitoring and quarantine capabilities, improved air filtration systems and routine temperature checks could all become regular features in future cruises.

Global cruise lines have also committed to testing every crewmember and guest for Covid-19 before they board a ship. This makes it the first industry in travel and tourism to commit to worldwide passenger and crew testing. With so many health and hygiene improvements in the pipeline, cruise lines will be better positioned to protect travellers from the perils of on-board infections.

Wide Choice of Destinations Without Multiple Travel Options

Cruise lines give you a wide choice of destinations without having to use multiple travel options. For instance, you don’t have to get on to a plane and check in to a hotel every single time you visit a new destination. You can choose to holiday domestically, closer to home or explore new international destinations – it’s totally up to you.

A cruise holiday will take you to exciting new destinations without forcing you to pack and unpack every time – making sure you are well looked after while on board. This could potentially reduce your exposure and risk.

Better Food Handling Procedures

A cruise holiday is almost synonymous with the classic self-serve buffet. But that is likely to see a significant change with more crew deployed to look after the stations and handle the food with improved care and caution.

This means better food handling and sanitation, keeping everyone safer on board and reducing the risk of contamination. Reservation systems for dining could also be implemented to comply with stricter limits and enhanced safety protocols.

Plenty of Activities for Everyone

Cruising remains the only holiday option that has something for everyone. While this may look different post Covid-19, there will still be a raft of dining and entertainment options for all age groups, from casinos and shows for the adults to splash zones and play areas for the kids.

If you are planning a much-needed family getaway or reuniting with family members from other countries after lockdown, a cruise holiday is a perfect choice.

In conclusion, there has already been an increasing appetite to cruise in 2021 and 2022 onwards. Reservations are already up as travellers rally to plan their future getaways. For complete peace of mind on your next cruise holiday, call the specialists at Discerning Traveller and let us make the whole experience easy for you.

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