Self-Guided Holidays

Looking for a comprehensive and inclusive itinerary but not interested in travelling on a tour? We have a fantastic selection of self-guided holidays available for those looking to explore more of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Featuring exceptional inclusions, such as tours, car hire, accommodation and more, you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience and streamlined style of travelling on an organised itinerary without the restrictions that often result from travelling on a tour.

Self-guided holidays and tours planned by Discerning Traveller offer the advantages of normal tours whilst harnessing the unparalleled freedom that comes with self-guided exploration. Enjoy exclusive access to exciting activities and experiences whilst travelling at your own preferred pace, ensuring that you get to explore the way you desire. Every itinerary with Discerning Traveller has also been meticulously handpicked by our team of experienced travel consultants who ensure that every self-guided holiday is exciting, awe-inspiring, and most importantly - safe. Moreover, with accommodation and the little details such as day trips, activities, car hire, and more organised by us, you can holiday stress-free knowing that everything been taken care of.

We’ve designed a selection of self-guided itineraries that we believe best showcases the regions, but if these don’t suit you perfectly we are easily able to tailor something specific to your needs to create your ideal self-guided tour. For bookings or for help planning your next getaway, make sure to contact our expert team at Discerning Traveller.

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Self-Guided Holidays & Packages

Why choose a self-guided holiday for your next adventure?

Boasting no restraints and complete flexibility, self-guided holidays offer a method of travel that gives you reins on how you wish to explore. While some might prefer to be taken on Guided Tours that take out all the stresses of planning and organising, others instead enjoy the allure of self-guided holidays and the ability to travel the world the way they want. Still unsure if self-guided tours are for you? Take a look at some more reasons below!

Unbridled exploration

As mentioned above, self-guided holidays give you the ability to travel with complete independence. This freedom allows you to explore each region the way you desire and traverse through routes which tour companies might at times skip over to arrive at their next location on time. Furthermore, travellers who decide to go on a self-guided holiday can revel in the satisfaction of being able to navigate a destination safely all while successfully enjoying every sight and sound on their chosen itinerary.

Travel at your own pace

Adding onto the unending freedom is being able to travel a destination at your own pace. Prefer to have a decent sleep-in before setting out for day? Lounge away! Rather than having to follow set schedules or timetables that can sometimes happen during a guided tour, self-guided holidays allow you to explore each locale when you desire. Plus, with an itinerary already planned out by the travel experts at Discerning Traveller, you never need to stress about what to do as everything has already been planned just for you.

Relax with every detail already organised

You might think with complete freedom comes great responsibility, namely with planning all the logistics – however, with a self-guided holiday that will likely have all been taken care of. From your method of transportation, the accommodation you are staying in for the night, or where you need to go, the hidden beauty of a self-guided tour is how you still get to experience a destination without being restricted by other travellers. This ensures that your holiday is focused on one task – pure relaxation.

Choose your own travel friends

While meeting new people can be exciting, it can also be at times a little nerve-wracking and intimidating when breaking the ice. With self-guided holidays, you get to pick who you are travelling with, ensuring that you never feel that social anxiety of having to meet new people or the nervousness of having to act a certain way. Adventure carefree knowing that the people with you are trusted close friends and family who will always have your back.

Select a self-guided holiday itinerary with us!

Booking a self-guided holiday has never been easier than with Discerning Traveller. Offering a selection of itineraries handpicked by our very own travel consultants, you can click away knowing that each holiday was chosen with quality in mind. If you desire a more bespoke travel package, contact us and we will gladly help construct your own custom itinerary that better suits your needs and preferences. Alternatively, for those looking for quick getaways or weekend escapes, be sure to also check out our Short Breaks!


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